Embrace of the Moon

fantasy about shapeshifters


Cassandra Bennet, better known as Cass, came to an abrupt stop, tyres screeching on the dusty path. The setting sun caused the trees to cast tall, spindly shadows across the road but her attention was focused elsewhere. Despite the growing darkness and cold she stepped out of her car her eyes never leaving the large lump of fur stretched across the middle of the road. Animals, for Cass, were her weak spot. if it had fur, scales or feathers she loved it. Ever since she was little she was bringing in and caring for animals so becoming a vet wasn't a surprising decision to anyone who knew her. She used her quick intelligence to study for exams never dating, hardly ever going out just studying. After university she and a friend set up a small veterinary clinic although now she’d be running one alone. She was moving away to start a new life, leaving behind her old self and the pain and anger that person had felt behind. She shook her head dispersing the turmoil she felt building up.

Edging slowly towards the animal she noticed the blood pool around it and quickened her steps careful to avoid getting blood on her clothes or her shoes. Leaning over the beast she distinguished a muzzle and pointy ears, a wolf and here she was within touching distance. Looking it over she noticed the gun shot wound in its shoulder the trail of blood making the fur beneath it sticky and matted until it reached the road. She reached her fingers out to check the wound but jumped and snatched it back when a loud grumbling emanated from the chest of the wolf. Snapping her head round her brown eyes met the wide green eyes speckled with gold of her patient. Her training kicking in she straightened up, put her hands up and started talking to the animal in a soothing, calm tone, reserved for animals and babies. Still holding the wolves gaze she gingerly inched her hand towards the wound again seeing the pain blazing behind the feirce eyes. Her hand reached the fur surrounding the shot and gently smoothed the fur away it. "poor thing.I'm gonna have to get you home can you get up? come on sweetie" and as if the wolf understood her words it slowly began to shift and get up. Only when it stood up did she realise just how big the animal was, maybe twice the size of any wolf she'd ever seen. Eventually with much coaxing and the same softly uttered words she managed to get the wolf relativly comfortable in the back of her dodge ram. Getting back in to the drivers seat she started up the engine and  began her journey home checking on the wolf periodically in the rear view mirror finally seeing it was lying unconscience, well great she thought how am i supposed to get that out? Glancing once more in to the mirror she noticed several dark silhouettes and gleaming eyes peering out from the side of the road but after blinking they were gone.  

The End

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