Embrace Me.Mature

In a moment of expressing one's feelings, the true feelings come out.


The sun was setting, sliding a blue sky above the two of us. The cement walkway in front of the dormitories seemed to glow under our feet. Despite being in the middle of a college campus we were completely alone, with this nature's wonder to influence us however it pleased.


He wrapped his arms around my neck, hugging tightly. He was slightly taller than me, and the both of us standing made it a bit awkward, but the feeling was still the same. I felt the all too familiar sense of warmth reverberating between us, my body responding with fast heartbeats. His naked forearm pressed onto my cheek and his alluring Old Spice scent floated seamlessly into my nose as I breathed him in. He responded by brushing his lips against the chin-stubble, making me shiver. I wanted so bad to relax and to forget that we were in a public place. Slowly and cautiously, I lifted my hands towards his waist, knowing that bliss would be waiting once I embraced him. As my fingers delicately circled his waist, my eyes fell on a guy speed walking in the view past his shoulder, glancing in our direction as he passed. I stopped in mid-air, clutching urgently to his shirt in fear. I could feel the weight of his judgment pushing into my shoulder blades. The warmth was gone, and the coldness I saw in the eyes of the man remained in my memory.


The next thing my vision grasped were a pair of eyes looking down at me questioningly, I didn't even notice he'd stopped hugging me. He didn't say anything. Judged by the look in his eyes, he already knew. He smirked, indifferent for a brief time before kneeling down to grab his bookbag.


“I guess I'll call you later,” he said flatly.

Before I could respond, he'd already started walking down the brick walkway to his bus stop. I remained stationary, watching helplessly as his figure shrunk into an identical black spec of the crowd of college students in the distance. I turned around and walked silently back to my dorm, wanting to cry, and observing the lugubrious lone blows of wind blow past as I entered the glass doors.


The End

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