A week later…

It was supposed to be a day of festivity yet Yuri chose to stay home and not take part in any of it. The town was a good distance away from the old manor yet the sound of merriment could still be heard.

Yuri smiled.

It was not that she does not really want to partake with the jollity of the festivity. It was just that she, in her new found hope and strength, wanted to arrange the things her family left her and maybe organize those she could still make use of.

She believes that she has finally gone over the stage of grief. She now wants to start a new and pleasant life that could somehow make her lover, smile while watching her.

Yuri kneeled in front of their family chest and took out one by one, the things inside.

Tap tap tap

She has just taken out three things from the chest when a tapping on the door made her stop.

Who could that possibly be?

Yuri stood up from her kneeling position and hurriedly opened the door. There stood in front of her door a footman clad in blue who immediately bowed upon seeing her. Also right outside was a majestic carriage where, after a few seconds, two women emerged, one wearing a yellow ruffled dress and the other wearing a white dress embroidered with gold ruffles and laces. The footman immediately opened an umbrella and shielded the girl clad in white from the rays of the sun.

Because Yuri could not quite see the lady in white, her eyes got fixed on the shorter of the two, the one wearing the yellow dress, who was continuously speaking.

“…Lord Winthrop would surely behead me once he finds out that we are here in this side of town!”

“Well, my father would not know unless you’ll tell him.”

Yuri’s eyes immediately reverted to the other upon hearing her voice. She knew that voice too well.

It can’t be.

At that moment, the two arrived in front of Yuri’s doorstep and the footman immediately closed the umbrella he’s holding.


The shorter girl’s eyes blazed upon hearing what Yuri said. She immediately faced the offender, who was staring at the girl clad in white, and threw her a fearsome glare.

“How dare you call Lady Jessica, daughter of Lord Winthrop in such an informal way!”

This sudden outburst was unheard by the still shocked Yuri and was dismissed by the amused Lady Jessica.

“Hush Sunny. It is alright.”


“Hush I said.”

The threatening tone of her Lady, made the maid-servant frown for now she has no choice but to let the matter pass.

Upon shushing her maid-servant, Lady Jessica faced Yuri.

“Greetings, I believe this is yours?”

The Lady stretched her hand towards Yuri and showed her a faded red scarf, adorned with the Kwon family’s emblem and a name.

Yuri Kwon.

Yuri’s eyes reverted from the scarf to the smiling face of Lady Jessica.

And with tears brimming her eyes, Yuri bowed down…

…and smiled.

Thank you for choosing me over everything my love…

Thank you…

The End

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