The Family

"I'll see you tomorrow, Ashely."

I looked at him with doubt  in my eyes, but Forest just laughed and swiftly bent down to peck me on the lips, I tried to make the kiss last longer by wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, but Forest had othe ideas and pulled away easily braking my grip.

"I swear." Then Forest took of running down the old woren path, and vanished into the penatrating darkness of the woods.

Sighing I turned and let myself into the house using the key from under the eve. On entering the house I encountered Lance just leaving the house, with a pint of something that looked horible like blood under one arm, and a smoke in his mouth. Wordlessly I held Armand's letter out towards him.

"You keep it for now Ashely, I all ready know what the letter contains, however don't under any csircumstance open it. Understand?"

"Aye Lance I understand." was all i was able to mutter, weriness layed hevaly down on me.

"An girl get some bloodly sleep will ya? What use are you to me half dead eh?"

"None what so ever, thats why I do it!" I replied, just about making my voice sound chuffed.

"Arrr girl get outta my sight," Lance muttered shanking his head.

Making my way up the rickty stairs I heard Lance yell from down below: "An on sneakin' out to night girl or there'll be trouble!"

Rolling my eyes in a childish manner I entered my room, stripped off to my underwear and clambered into my Queen size four poster bed.

The End

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