The Truth


My mind went blank.

My heart sped up.

Bloog boiled under my lips.

This is it I thought excitedly, this is it!!

Forest's lips gentaly parted mine, and I breathed his sweet, cool breath, I lossed all sense of time and place, all I knew was Forest loved me the same way I loved him, he wanted me the same way I want him......

Then all to soon he pulled way, his electrice blue eyes danced with the moment, and his heartbraking smile curved his lips. 

"Well that answers Lance's qustion," Armand's amused voice came from behind us.

I tried to pull out of Forest's embrace, bt he held on to me tightly refusing to let me move even an inch away from him.

"Lance worrying?" Forest's tone was also amused, and I didn't need to see his face to know he was grinning from ear to ear so I buried my face deeper into his chest.

Forest sense my self-coniseceness and tightened his grip on me, soothing me.

"Not worrying, just concered," Armand defened his friend, "Anyway you look after our lady here and we'll all just get on fine and no one can be accused of worrying."

"I intend to look after Ashely, even if it kills me," Forest promised his voice firm and sure.

"Theres a good man, now you can deliver our lady and this letter back to Lance before Jazz is drove insane."

I felt the vibratetions of Armand's feet approching us then taking his leave... 

The End

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