First Kiss


There she was. My beautiful Ashley, older yes, more mature yes, but still little Ashley who I had watched grow up.

Tears had welled up in her eyes and now stremed silently down her face.

"Ashley?" I breathed again, and strategically brought my left hand to rest on her left cheek , stroking it gentaly, catching the tears there.

I had expected her to flich away from my touch like she use to, but insted she suprised me by arching into my hand, so our legs were touching, her breasts pressed against me,just below my ribs.

"Whats the matter?" I whispered, hidding my suprise and pleasure with concuren.

"Oh Forest, is it really you?" Ashely, looking up at me with such an expresion that I had to laugh.

"Yes you old silly, it is really me, here, alive and well."

"You were gone so long that I throught you must have died," Ashely was sobbing now. And hard. So hard her whole frame was shaking. 

"Shhh babe it ok," I relised the second the word babe was out of my mouth it was a mistake, Ashely's body went riged.

"Well I," I murmmed, "There's no point hidding it now so I'm just gonna spit it out: Ashely daughter of them dead I Forest son of Hilda love you, before you say anything I want to do something." I said when I saw Ashley was about to say something.

I cupped her neck, and brought my face just inchs way from hers....

The End

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