I am lounging over one side of the brige remembering the blissful days and the sweet nights I'd spent with him just sitting talking, sharing secrets, dreams and hopes.

Then I heared it. That unbareable song. That dulect voice of a Angle, singing:

"By night she flies across the seas

Stunning all of those who see her with her beauty.

Singing of the depareted and the living,

Crying bitter tears over the family she lost......."

No I thought to myself as the song continued, he left me so long ago he can't be coming back now. Lance was right I shouldn't wollow in my sadness and pain, it just made me imagen things that weren't real...

"Ashely?" The Angels voice was right behind me now, turning my head  eyes swimming with tears, then I relised with a sudden wave of joy and pain ,he was here at last, Forest was here or I was just dreaming...

The End

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