Elvin Love

My mind went blank.
My heart sped up.
Blood boiled under my lips.
This is it, I'v waited for so long for it to come to this.


I sat under the green elms of Mistic woods, dreaming distant dreams, reliving young girlish memories, just wishing he would have seen me as more than just a friend...

"Ashley! ASHLEY!!" The dulstick tones of my elder brother Jazz reached me, bring me crashing back down to earth again.

"You do realise that  Lance has been waiting for over two hours for you to get your butt home, don't you?" Jazz now stood infront of me, his golden blonde hair asew, his light hazle eyes kind and gental as all ways, contrasting lovely with his lightly toned skin.

"Actually," I said, taking his offered hand and allowing his to heave me to my feet. "I did't realise nobody in our house had no sense of another persons need of privacy or very little patient." Sarcasm heavy in my voice. 

"Well Lance is really pissed off and has been taking it out on Edward James thank god! Because if he started on me I would have totaly lossed it!"

Lance is my grardian, and has been since the very day I was born. I was born on the 19th November of The Blood Moon. That was the day my parents were murdered by the most evil darkeshed Shade of all the world Nightclaw, he wanted to end my boodline the most powerful bloodline in the whole kingdom after the Elvin King.

"Whats upset him so much?" I asked jogging to catch up with Jazz's long strides.

"He needs you to go on a message for him into the Forests Heart," was Jazz's short reply.

"But why?" I protesed, ignorring Jazz's signs to leave him alone. "He could walk there faster than I could fly there."

"Don't ask me to explaine the wonders of Lance's mind, all I was told was that if I didn't find you he would ban me from seeing Phoenix for a hole week." Jazz's smile faded as he repeted Lance's threat. Jazz was madly in love with Phoenix, his cousine- Oh God how long it had been since I'd lasted seen that heartbreking smile.- and any threat not to see her would darken his mood, not that Lance would ever follow through with that plan, he knew only to well what it was like to love someone and to lose someone.

For the rest of the jouroney to Lance's three story house we traveled in silence, marvling once more at the wounders of Mistic Woods, just drinking in its beauty. If any woods beauty could feed a man it was Mistic Woods beauty, nothing could compare to it. The animals were as tame as anything, even the shyest of animals would eat out of your hand if you knew how to handel them.

We were now in front of a timeless old houes painted a light cream colour, with Ivy creeping up the walls, rose growing hither and dither all over the place, blue berry bushes strangeled the foot path that led up to an old fashioned door with a hores shoe hanging lightly from it.

"After you," said Jazz, now grinning from ear to ear, and dispeared into the gathering darkness, of the night.

"Damn You Jazz!" I couresed under my breath, I was planing to use him as a live shield to get me past Lance and up the stairs.

I slinked into the shadows of the house, ducked down under the open window of the front room, and curisouly raised my head to peek into the room, thank God it was deserted, Lance must be in another part of the house. Using all my skill i kicked one leg over the window sil and brough my other the leg over and landed with a soft thump on the wicker love seat just below the window.

I slithered as silently as i could of the seat and edged out the slitly open door trying not to make to creek and headed for the stairs directaly in front of me.

"Going somewhere are we?" Lance's voice came from behind me and my foot froze on the first anctient step. "I saw you enter through the window, your getting to sneeky for your own good, it will get you killed if your not careful, thats how my eldest brother died you know, it was a acident my brother was misstaken for someone else."

Drat it! I thought Lance was the black strange black shape in the far coner of the room. Dang him, he was to good at hidding for his own good.

"Now what I want you for is a need to get a message to Armand my old friend, it must be delivered right there with no delays, do you understand me Ashely?" qustioned Lance his one cold jet balck eye never leaving me face and never blinking.

"Aye. I understand Lance, but why couldn't have one of the lads taken it?" Anyoance making my voice sharp.

"Because I asked you, and don't take that tone with me Ashely, I know you don't like going into the Heart of the forest since Ivyblood, Forest and Storm left, but you've got to make new friends you can't spened the rest of your life alone wollowing in your pain and sadness imagen if I'd just let my pain and sadness drown me when I lost Lily, my brothers, my ownly child, image what you your brothers and sister would be like if i had done that."

"Its not that hard to imagen you would only be a bit madder than you are now," I teased, making Lance smile brefly .

"Right off you go you cheeky begger, and make sure you give Armand that letter." Lance thrust a sealed letter at me and prolped my towards the front door.

As I picked my way carefully in between the wild bushes, I tured to wave to Lance who still stood at the door, he waved back and called out: "Don't get lovesick on the way and get lost will you?"

"What do ya mean," I yelled back, demanding. But Lance just smiled and went back inside.

"Arrrrrrrr men," I muttered to myself, "always pushing you, always draving you that bit more insne, always making you feel a fool."

It was a long way to Armand's house in the Heart, but I was never bored there was always something new to see or something old and forgotten to bring back old times, good times, times of music, love and laughter.

Once or twice I stumbled upon people I new form so long ago that I'd all most forgotten what they looked like, but I could never forget there names, friends I went to school with, friends I'd met while working with Lance's youngerst brother Brook the blacksmith, or distand reltives of his...  

As I came upon the sound of gourgling warter I knew I was near to Armand's because Armand was a water musician, and loved water and music more than his own life.

"Lookin' for someone?" the deep voice came from just to the left of me, it was a voice I knew, it was the voice of Armand. I'd been so busy think about music and water that I hadn't relized that I'd arrived in the small part of Armand's garden.

"Yeah, actually I was looking for you Armand, got a letter from Lance for you."

"Well it looks like you found me ok." Armand droped down form his preach in the tree and landed neatly in front of me. His chochlate brown hair had grown longer since I'd last time saw him, and his eyes held more wisdom and pain than ever before. "So has Lance now tured you into his privet letter barer?"

I just smiled and shruged: "I don't know it looks like he's trying, gave me a right ear bashing just before about climbing though the window."

"Now why doesn't that supries me!!" Armand grinned, then said: "Go wait Star lit brige, give me time to read and answer Lance's letter, he never writes short ones does he?" 




The End

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