Llewellyn: QuintessenceMature

I sat in the small classroom its walls patched and bare, the odd brick visible and crumbling. the room was dark and smelled of damp and decay, the teacher much like the class room was just as scruffy, he sat behind a large lopsided desk with stacks of books so high you almost couldn't see him, the books themselves although slightly dog-eared where in perfect condition in comparison they seemed to glow in the dim light. The blue candle flames around the room flickered as the teacher spoke. "this lesson is about elements he began" his voice was dry and monotone, as if it was the voice of the books themselves; it was a knowing voice and yet a board one, it was clear the teacher had very little interest in what he was saying and more over the rest of the class where just as interested, that is to say they weren’t. a few rows ahead a small boy only just tall enough for his feet to reach the floor while sitting on the chair and wearing a large hat which was almost four times as big as him had fallen asleep on his desk, and next to him was a girl with a large pony tail, and a very cheeky grin as she drew on her sleeping neighbour, behind them and one desk to the right two smallish girls chatted eagerly in hushed whispers, their attempts to avoid making their conversation obvious ruined by loud giggles every few minutes. the rest of the class where all silent though they were obviously not paying any attention either "inside each of us there are found these elements" the dry voice rang through the class again as I began to fall asleep "Water, fire, earth, air and quintessence another name for this of course is life or will" the unimpressed class continued with their own distractions. "so what would happen" came the dry voice once again with slight venom behind his words "if you where to come into contact with a force which is by far greater than your own" these words where barely a whisper though all most the entire class heard it ad for the first time the room fell silent bar  the quiet sound of  the two sleeping members of the class, the small boy with the hat and I slept on while the rest of the class turned with slight stunned silence, the teacher behind the desk raised an eyebrow "that got ya attention didn't it" he whispered with a slight glint in his ancient eyes, as he raised his hand limply in front of him his relaxed fingers lifted and drew together with a loud 'Click' that echoed off the walls in the room as the man behind the desk clicked his fingers, the effect was instant most of the class fell with such force the noise was like a gunshot the force pushing each one of them down as if a planet had just been placed on their back, some of the desks began to creak under the pressure. papers flew everywhere those who hadn’t been pressed into their desks where fighting to stay upright, slowly one by one however they fell with ever larger thuds, it’s a bit like when you tighten a really powerful spring eventually something gives and when it does the force released is tenfold what it was. When the last student fell the desk split into and the poor student lay crumpled in a heap of wood on the floor. the sleeping boy with the large hat was awake now and panicking as like some other members of the class he was gasping for air fighting to breath like a helpless fish, his eyes were popping with the sheer effort of breathing. The teacher got up silently completely relaxed at the fact that his class where mostly suffocating by this point, he walked calmly to the door and opened it. the bell rang its loud piercing screech cutting through the silence, the students quickly found their breath then there voice and finally there legs with screams and yells the class ran from the room like a stampede of dear from a vicious predator, and with that the room was almost empty again only the teacher and me left in the room, I rubbed my eyes sleepily "is it morning already" I yawned as I picked up my things sluggishly and shuffled from the classroom, the teacher gave me a sinister smile as I passed and left the room confused I began making my way to my next lesson, but from somewhere behind me I thought I could hear the teachers answer slightly distorted with a terrible laugh "it has only just begun"

The End

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