New School, New ProblemsMature

The wind whipped through the trees and stirred the leaves at my feet as I stood at the side of the road. "Hey, Gwen." a shout came from my left and I spun round to see the familiar face of Ashlyn as she sprinted down the road to where I was waiting for her. "Hey," I grinned, it was the first day of the year at Elven High and as we had just started we had decided to go in together as we were a little worried about what we might encounter.
Elven high however wasn't a usual School as Ashlyn and I weren't usual people, Ashlyn was one of the Fair Folk, and I was a Witch.....

We wandered up to the School, the huge iron gates dominating the entrance; we looked at each other "not ominous at all..." I laughed; we shrugged it off and walked up to the field, looking around at groups of unfamiliar faces. I began to chew my lip, a constant habit when I was nervous or worried, which I was currently both. Ashlyn took my hand, "we'll be alright," she smiled. Her confidence boosted my own and I sighed, calming down. I looked around, "where to?" I asked.
"How about we go over by the tree?" Ashlyn pointed over by an old willow that hung over a small lake. I nodded and we strolled over.

I sat back against the twisted trunk, dumping my bag beside me. I picked a little white daisy and began twirling it between my fingers lazily. I let go and watched as it carried on spinning in the air. "I wish I could do that," Ashlyn sighed as she sat beside me. I smiled, "yeh well I wish I could make friends as easily as you can. You fair folk manage to charm people into liking you seconds into meeting them, and half the time you don't even mean to," I sighed I’d always had problems with making friends. It didn’t help that we’d always been home schooled. It was traditional within the fair folk. Not compulsory but as Ashlyn’s family where ones for tradition we followed them. As Ash’s bodyguard I had to comply.

I gazed at the slowly spinning daisy; it looked like a tiny dancer, pirouetting across a stage. I spotted something moving out of the corner of my eye and looked up to realise a couple of guys walking over to us. I nudged Ashlyn and nodded towards them, "looks like we've caught someone's eye, or more likely you," I smirked.

"Hey, you guys new around here?" the speaker was tallish, with dark hair and dark skin. Next to him was a tall skinny blond guy who caught my eye immediately, I could sense them both due to my training. The speaker was a were-puma and the taller guy an elf. I nodded, “uh, yeah, just joined,” I stood up, letting the daisy drop to the ground, “my name’s Gwen,” I said, “and this is Ashlyn,” Ash stood up and smiled, she stood slightly behind me knowing I’d be able to tell whether they were safe to approach. This was always the way, as I was more powerful in the combat arts, I had to be, I became the defensive protector out of the pair of us and she was the friend maker.

“Name’s Casper,” he held his hand out, I shook it quickly entering his mind to judge whether he was ok or not, “and this is Llewellyn,” he pointed to his friend who also held his hand out; again I shook it quickly entering his mind.

“You know it’s not very polite to intrude,” Llewellyn smirked, tapping the side of his head. I blushed, “I had to be sure you were safe, never know.” Llewellyn smiled. Casper eyed me suspiciously, clearly unsure of me. “Anyway we wondered if you wanted to come over and hang out with us?” he pointed towards a rowdy group of teenagers sitting further in field. I looked at Ash who was clearly eager to be with a bigger group. I sighed and nodded at her, “sure,” I smiled, and we gathered up our belongings and followed our new friends over to the crowd.

 Ashlyn, unlike me, was more comfortable in a big group and she quickly integrated herself. So I sat quietly beside her and watched.

When I first met Ashlyn I quickly realised her easygoing, trusting nature would get her into trouble and she constantly put herself in danger of getting hurt on an almost daily basis. It wasn’t long before I positioned myself into being an almost bodyguard for her and as a result within the few minutes of being sat with the new group I had cased it for any threats.

I had found the rabble we had gotten involved with were a mixed bunch, along with the two we had met there were a few other were creatures, including a wolf and a couple of other pumas, a vampire, another witch and a couple more elves and a warlock. All appeared safe and I was able to relax.

Once I’d gauged it was safe I did my usual of keeping to myself and gently pressed a finger against the earth and watched as a rose grew up out of the ground just in front of it.

 “How did you do that?”

I looked up and quickly realised everyone was watching me, “I uh...”I looked back at the rose, which, by this time, was in full bloom, “I just manipulated the earth into growth,” I chewed my lip nervously, “I’m a witch,” I shrugged. I quickly determined who was talking to me, her name was Shannon, she was the other witch, flame red hair and pale skin, and she was leant up against her boyfriend the werewolf. “I could never manage something like that,” she sighed, looking dejected. I looked back down and watched as the rose folded itself back into the ground. I sighed and looked back up noticing everyone else had gone back to their conversations. I picked a piece of grass and began fiddling with it, wondering if i’d already damaged my chances of making friends.

 “That was quite a display,” I looked around. No one was paying any attention to me. Confused I shrugged it off and went back to playing with the blade of grass, “clearly you haven’t mastered mind communication however,” again I looked around, noticing .Llewellyn looking a back at me, a faint smirk on his face. “I didn’t realise Elves could mind talk,” I replied. He smiled. Neither of us had said anything aloud, it was weird; we were having our own conversation that no one else could hear. He looked away from me, pretending to be involved in someone else’s conversation “there are many things you don’t know about us, stick around and maybe you’ll learn,” I looked over at Ash watching her as she teased Casper about something, “that a promise?” I asked playfully just as the bell rang.

Llewellyn looked me in the eyes, “you think you can handle it?” he shrugged oh his small messenger bag and walked away, leaving me wondering quite what he meant. .

The End

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