Just Fine

Later on that day I called him. He picked up the phone on the fourth ring and sounded very tired. I started having seconds thoughts about what I was doing. But his tone quickly changed when he realised it was me. Did I read some excitement in his voice? Or was it just my mind's wishful thinking? I had no idea. All I knew was that I was more than happy to hear his voice

After talking briefly about the fire and all the events that followed afterwards he thanked me for expressing my concern. I expected the conversation to end there but then he suddenly asked me a question. Out of the blue.

"Nikki, are you scared of me?"

What? At this point my brain was on overload, trying to figure out why he asked that question, what was the appropriate answer and whether this was a trap of some kind. I decided to settle for the truth. I was not scared of him. I was scared of me.

"No" I replied.

"Then why don't you let me love you?" he asked.

Long pause. I cleared my throat.


"I...I...I don't know what you mean. Ryan, are you OK?" I finished with a nervous chuckle.

He chuckled too, rather mockingly and then continued to ask me if it was alright for him to drop by later at mine. We could watch a movie or something. I said yes.

Movie or something.

The End

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