Unexpected Addiction

He wanted me too. This was a very pleasant thought, I had never expected him to initiate this move. As I responded to his kiss, and caressed his back, I smiled inside because I knew there and then that something was going to come out of this.


"Stop!" I interrupted our moment of passion.

"I have to go" I said, and made to compose myself, or rather my clothes.

"Why?" he looked crushed.

"I cant do this, this is wrong" I replied as I looked around for my handbag and started to make my way out.

"Nikki please..." he voice trailed as I made my way out.

It was raining hard outside. Damn, why didnt I remember to bring the umbrella. I walked steadly towards my car. This was not how I had planned for it to be. Yes, I wanted the guy, but the moment, the kiss, made me feel cheap. Me against that dark corner wall, offering no resistance at all. I mean, we didnt even have one single decent conversation before that. Just seeing each other, ordering a drink together...and bang!!! No, there was a better way of doing this.

Eight hours later. With eyelids so heavy they couldnt open no matter how hard I tried, my phone went off. Who calls me early Saturday morning like that when they know what sort of person I am after a Friday night outing. Arrrrrg!

I picked it up lazily.

"Nikki, did you hear what happened last night at Ryan's" a very familiar voice hastily spoke without even offering greetings. I cleared my head and sat up on my bed to focus on this call and who it was.

Ah, yes. Ceci.

"What? Ceci? How do you call me so early in the morning, what happened?

"There was a fire. Nobody knows what started it, it broke out a few moment s after you left"

Ok. slow down a bit. How did she know that I left earlier, and worse still, does it mean she knew that I did with Ryan? I hoped not, because that was not how I wanted that piece of news to be spread around.

And Ryan? Oh my God! My heart started pounding so bad . I hoped and prayed he was fine.

"Did you see me leave" I asked.

"I looked around for you around the time you left, only to bumb into Ryan who told me you'd left shortly. And the boy was looking tipys I have to say" she laughed.


Phew. It sounded like she knew nothing more than that. Anyway, it was unlike Ryan to say stuff around to people.

We spent the next one hour or so talking about the fire. In which I learnt that only around four peolple sustained minor injuries, and that my Ryan was fine. The only loss he suffered was the garage and some parts of the living room that burnt down.

I made a mental note to call my baby him. 

The End

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