Elusive Beauty

"I'm so sorry, I shouldnt be doing this" I offered, rather embarassingly.

I couldnt believe I had let my myself behave in such a manner. What amde it worse was the fact that I knew it was not the alcohol that was doing this to me. It was me. I was doing this o myself. I wanted him so bad to the point that I didnt care if he thought I was putting myself on him or not. I just wanted to feel his touch. His skin. Why did he always have to be so elusive? I must I admired this character beacuse that meant he was different from all the 'look at me, I know you want me kind of guys'

He was his own man. Minded his own business. Fierce!

I wanted to have this man. Each day I fantasized of how he would feel inside me. How he would move inside me. How he would smell around me.

"It's ok. I had so much fun tonight. Dont worry about a thing, just let yourself go, you deserve it" he said.

"I do?" I asked, looking at him sheepishly. The corner we were standind at had a harsh dark blue light illuminating it.

"Yes" he replied...and put his glass down on the floor. I dont think he cared if he made a mess with his drink or not.

"Come here" he grabbed my waist and proceed to kiss me. I moaned softly not only from the pleasure but also from the pressure his hands had started applying on my butt.

The End

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