I had to write a gothic story for my english class, and this one is partially inspired by Flyte - Maggie Sage.

It is hardly ever truly dark. The moon, ever faithful, will guide you home if you are careful how you ask. Except for when the silent shimmer of cloud disrupts her rays, muted like tarnished silver. This is the point of no return. All your senses on alert, but stifled. You are blind. Dimmed by the oppression of the blackness. Now is when I take my chance. Even in the moonlight, you may only see me fleetingly. A distant glimpse of an even farther enemy.  I know what you see, how you think. I can tell what has brought you here. To my pale land of mist and earth. Animals always lose their nerve, can sense the danger that my place brings. They use their instinct, not brains. But of course there isn’t anything here. There couldn’t possibly be. You reason with yourself, promise your conscience that nothing can possibly hurt you here. No senses or feelings can contradict knowledge. This is why you are the least challenging prey. You are fast and ingenious, argumentative and often alone. Humans are more intelligent than all creatures, and therefore must be the leaders. You are intrigued by everything, must explore the danger, you need to conquer your fears. Soon you will learn to be more careful where you tread your leaden paws.

My trap is easy to set. All I need is a light. Dim and gleaming or bright and powerful. That is what will guide you away from your well ridden path. Light to you is a promise of warm food and good company. Not so. The end of this journey will be bitter, dark and awful. You will suffocate, your lungs filling with black cement, your screams dead in the wilderness. Only the hawks can hear your cries now. The heart that beat so wild and free will be trapped in the cage of your demise. Your body will never be found. No one knows my name or my intent. There are no survivors, so none know that the light in the marshes is not a friendly one.

The End

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