It was a few weeks later, when I came home to find mum in the kitchen doodling on a notepad. This was a rare thing for mum to be doing, she almost never draws. She was in the zone, music playing, head down and not noticing me standing in the kitchen.

"What are you drawing mum?"I asked seeing her jump at the sound of my voice.

"O'erm, just my random drawing Pixie Ellie you know me." She closed the note pad blushing slightly then changing the subject. "How was your date with the lovely Oliver?"

Now it was my turn to blush. "Erm yer it was really good."

"Just ‘really good', that's all I'm getting then? O'come on, this is why I wanted a daughter just so-

"What re-live your school crush?" We laughed. I went up stairs mum of course like a dog with a bone followed me. I sat on my double bed mum lying all over it.

"Come on details missy, should I be looking for a lodger to rent your room out? Or picking a hat for the wedding?" She joked looking around my small room.

"What you want me to tell you how his hands cupped my chin, titled my head back so he could place his, sweet beautiful lips against my own. Then how ours tongue touched how his hand tangled in my short layers?" Just thinking about it brought back the memory of his lips against my own. I could see mum's face growing more and more excited by my story. This was why I loved her. Most mums would be more worried about us having sex. But no mum wasn't like that. Well I guess she was a little worried but she trusted me, she knew that I would wait for someone special.

"Mum, can show me were you was drawing please, I love it when you draw."  I begged her, pulling the ‘sad face' that I used sometimes on her.

"Ok but you can't laugh Pixie Ellie." She dashed off downstairs to get the notepad. I sighed thinking how mum was more like a child sometimes. God I loved her. She came back holding the note pad. "Here you go."

I flipped the cover glasping at her work. It was more then just ‘random drawing'. There were drawings of the flowers in the garden, butterflies, a little girl at the seaside holding an ice cream and an angel.

"Mum these are totally cool, wow there really good!" I kept flipping though seeing a black outline of a bird. "What bird is this mum?"

"A swallow bird, I was working on that when you came in. Think that maybe my favourite out of them all, well apart from this one." She took the note pad and went to the little girl with the ice cream. "Do you notice anything about this picture?"

"No but the little girl, its not me is it"? I wondered.

"Yep, that's you my little pixie Ellie."


The End

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