It was such a rush. everyone was running around making sure everything looked perfect. I was given the job of decorating the cakes, Bradley said there was not set rule as to how he wanted them done. So grabbing everything in the desert section I began work. Lots of food colouring, cream and fruit later my master pieces were ready to be took out. Bradley seemed really impressed with my creations.

"These too good to eat Ellie." He commented handing them other to the waiter, who smiled at me.

"You made these?" The waiter commented.

"I only decorated them, Uncle B made them." Not wanting to take away his hard work.

"Hey I'm not taking all the credit; you worked your magic on them." Bradley nudged me, I turned realized that the waiter was still looking at me.

"Oliver come on I haven't got all day here." Someone barked at the waiter in front of me.

"Coming Sir. See you soon." Looking puzzled for a moment.

"O'Callaghan. I mean. Ellie." I stammered going even redder. Why couldn't the ground just swallow me, just this once why couldn't I escape? Oliver smile grew wider and his brown eyes looking over my brush appearance.

"See you around O'Callaghan." Then he took one of my decorated cakes leaving me watching the back of his brown hair.

"Well well, my little niece hitting on the new waiter." Bradley joked taking his apron off, I took mine off and gave it to him.

"Haven't clue on what you're on about." I replied smiling.

"O' I think you do. Your not 16 until next month missy and he's 18 now." I had to laugh at him, he almost sounded like an adult.

"What is this? My big uncle giving me a lecture on teenage life?" I joked but I liked that he cared about me. Bradley was a lot younger then my mum but they didn't really care, and neither did I.

 Although I think Megan had a secret crush on him and I could see why. He had blonde hair like my mum curly, it just touched his neck. He is tall and muscular. Bradley also has brown eyes like me and my mum. To summarize he was pretty hot.

I was nodding off in Bradley car when he drove me home later that night and true to his word he paid me. Bradley ended up taking me to bed, kissing me goodnight and closing my door shut.

I slept better that night, probably too exhausted to dream. When I woke the next morning I felt wide awake. After getting dressed I partially bounced down the stairs still high from last night.

"Someone's happy this morning." My mum as always cooking something wonderful in the kitchen.

"Morning Mum." I replied in a cheery voice.

"Morning Pixie Ellie, scrambled eggs ok?" She asked mixing the eggs in the frying pan.

"Sure you want any help?" Taking the plates out of the cupboard.

"Didn't you do enough last night? Bradley said that you did well."

"It was really good; he let me decorate the cakes however I wanted." I was busy setting the table when the post suddenly came through the door.

"Wow he also said how impressed everyone was with them too, well done Pixie Ellie." Mum added I went to the front door and looked through the mail.

"Bill, bill, random rubbish, something important." I muttered to myself. "Something for Dad, rubbish, pink envelope for Miss O'Callaghan, pizza place, charity leaflet.  Hang on."

I skimmed through the post again finding the pink envelope, when I found it I dumped everything else on the kitchen table. The envelope was small and dark pink colour with neat black handwriting on it. Who was this from?

Mum was busy with breakfast so she didn't notice me slip out of the room. I opened the envelope and the creamy coloured paper, like with the envelope the writing was written in black neat writing, it was short but made my breathing come out faster.


I wish to taste one of those beautiful cakes of yours, I hope that we can create something as beautiful and you and your cakes. I see you soon O'Callaghan.


The End

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