It was hot and dark, I couldn't see a thing. I didn't know what was going on, it was just hot sweat dripping from my face. I felt trapped I had to get out, crawl, anything just get away...

"Ouch. Ugh god." I complained to myself as I tired to work out where I was. I stood up seeing that I had rolled out of bed. My hair was a knotted blond mess, crying out to be wash and brushed. I sighed and dragged myself to the bathroom, feeling better when the water was washing away the strange dream. My hair was back to it's normal short choppy self when I went downstairs.

"Afternoon." My dad's voice came from behind the newspaper.

"Afternoon? It's morning." Then I saw the time on the wall. "O' right." 1:15pm wow that was some sleep.

"Where's mum?" I asked opening the fridge and getting the orange juice out.

"Food shopping you know I hate that, she didn't want to disturb you." He informed me. "Make sure you wash that glass and put it back."

"Yer I know." I snapped.

"Don't you get all snappy with me young lady, get to bed earlier then you won't be soo grouchy."

"O' whatever dad, going now." I drunk the orange that was in my glass, then I slammed the glass down leaving it and the juice carton on the side.    

"Ellie O'Callaghan get back down here now!" Dad shouted as I stomped down the hallway.

"Going out Dad, back later." I called to him before slamming the door shut. Thankfully he didn't follow me down the street, now this is where I needed Megan. I always went to hers when Dad was annoying me, but she was on holiday and I forgot to pick my phone. This was not a good day.

I found a free park bench and sat on it looking at people in the park.

"Little Ellie all on her own." Grace's voice interrupted the silence. Great I turned to see Grace in full Barbie girl glory with her ‘friends' crowed around her.

"What do you want Grace?" I said in a tight voice.

"Why would I want anything Ellie? Can't two friends stop and greet to each other?" Her voice sounded all innocent.

"Depends on the friend part." I told her wanting to get up and run, without Megan with me I didn't feel soo cocky towards her.

She smiled and stepped towards me. "You know what, I'll still like to know how you saw me that day in the library, and you never did tell me."

O'god I forgotten about that well put it to the back of my mind more like.

"I was just working in the library that's all. I well I just seen you come out of the back office." I told her trying to keep the fear out of my voice; I really wanted to go now. 

"You just happened to see me?" She wondered. "You better keep your mouth shut, or else..."

"Or else what, you'll get your friends to hurt her?" A deep voice came out of no-where. Grace didn't know where to put her face; she backed away keeping eye contact with me.

"Believe me if you touch her, then I'll soon wipe away that plastic face of yours." He threatened.

"We're going now, see you at school Ellie." Grace and her followers went.

"Thanks Bradley." I gasped out.

"Anytime, I quite enjoyed it, are you ok." Bradley asked looking over me.

"They didn't touch me, how did you know that I was here?" I asked as he sat next to me.

"Your mum called, said you and your dad had a row, you stormed off. Megan away, so I came here." He put his arm around me which I nested into, feeling his warmth.

"Thank you again, shouldn't you be working?" I asked.

"Tonight actually that's why I came to find you, wondered if you wanted to do me a favour."

"Like what"?

 "We've got this big function on tonight, some of the kitchen staff has come down with a bug. So I wondered if you wanted to come and help, your mum says that you're always helping her and that, so think you be up for that." Bradley explained.

"Really, I can't do a lot but I'll have a go. Wow never seen you at work before." I was excited and Dad and Grace were gone away like smoke. "O' do I get paid?"   

The End

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