"Can't I just hide in your suitcase? I'm small enough, even in your hand luggage, pretty please Meg." I begged Megan, I was sat in her room, while she was running from one end of the bedroom to the next, finding clean clothes.

"As good and funny as that sounds, sorry no. I just wish that you could come with me." Megan replied, grabbing the last pair of clean socks from her drawer.

"One month Megan, what the hell am I going to do? Why you going in March anyway?" I asked.

"What? Do you want me to leave you alllll summer?" She joked. "Anyway, dad he, you know he going to be at sea for like 6 months, before that he got to spend 14 weeks at the base." Her voice dropped talking about her dad, who was in the Navy and went away a lot. He had 3months leave, so they all booked to go away to America as a family before he went.

"I be back in time for your birthday, there are lots of shops in New York, I might happen to pop into Tiffany's..."

"No way! Are you not getting me anything from Tiffany, the designer jewellery store." Not that I wouldn't want a necklace or earrings from there or anything, I just didn't want a lot of fuss.

"Come on Ellie please, something small and it won't cost a lot." Now she was begging, literally on hands and knees, surrounded by clothes. "Please Ellie, only sweet sixteen once in your life."

"I won't let you buy me anything Megan." I laughed going on my knees next to her. "Promise me that you Megan won't buy me anything expensive for my 16th birthday." I told her a strange sneaky smile went over that heart shape face of hers, so when she said "I personally won't buy you anything expensive, Ellie." I just knew that there was a catch to this.

"Grace still hasn't done anything to you yet." Megan commented as we both sat on her case as she zipped the case up.

"Yer I don't think that's a good thing though...God Megan what the hell have you got in here?" I huffed nearly lifting it off her bed.

"Ellie this is me you're talking to." She replied. "My bag has everything."

"Good point, anything and everything."

"I'm going to miss you Ellie, soo wish that you could come." Megon hugged me.

"Erm...Meg...I can't...breeeathhh." I gasped.

"O'sorry." She stopped squeezing me. "I just miss you."

"And I'll miss you too silly, I know Sophie and Heather are friends with us to. But erm..." I tailed off.

"I know, Ellie can't believe I'm going  tomorrow, have to get up at like 5 in the morning, going to kill me." Megan pulled away finding something else to put into her handbag. I smiled thinking of Megan up for 5 in the morning, I just couldn't picture it.

"I didn't get you a leaving present; you're only going for a month, so I made you this." I said getting the tin box out of my shoulder bag. "Here." Her face was puzzled for a moment, and then she opened the box. "I made it this morning before I came here."

"You made this? For me." She gasped out.

"Well I hoped that you would share with me, I don't know how it's going to taste." I warned her. It was a cake nothing fancy, just jam sponge really.

"Pink and purple Ellie my favourite colours, I don't want to wreak the beautiful design of the icing." Megon said.

"Neither do I, so I took a photo on mum's camera. So do you want me to get a knife and some plates, why you just looking at the cake?" I questioned. 

"Well...It would be a shame not too see how it tastes, after you spent soo hard making it..." She thought staring at the cake.

"I'll bring two plates." I told her heading towards her bedroom door and smiling. 


The End

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