Chapter2-Eventful LunchMature


"Well that wasn't so bad." Megan sighed as we made our way out of the classroom.

"Joking aren't ya? God I'll be lucky if I get an *E in math for my G.C.S.E, let alone a *C what Mr Tanner predicated." I told her.

"Come on it's only the practice test, the real ones are next year." Megan said sarcastically.

"Cheer me up why don't you?" My voice sounding grim responding  to her.

 "O'Ellie you make me laugh"-

The school bell rang making us both jump.

"God we're be lucky if we survive the school dinners." I joked to her, the smell of rotting vegetables and unheard of meats, lingering in the corridor which led to the canteen. It wasn't just the food that was rotting, it was the dinner ladies. Wirily hair that was forever turning grey and white, strapped back into a tight bun under a blue cloth cap. Wrinkled pale skin with a few warts here and there. Tiny bird like eyes that stare straight through you.

"What will it be girls?" One of them snapped at us, I turned to see which one it was.

"Erm. Some of the...Erm..."

"Quickly, there are other children to feed." Snapping again.

"I'll just have the sandwich bag, Mrs. Ravens." I told her pulling Megan's arm with me.

"She got to be a witch, seriously that dinner lady really gives me the creeps." Megan commented opening her brown paper bag. "Joy, soggy sandwiches. Do you think that we could, I don't know sue the school?"

We both laughed, mine wasn't any better, in my head I was thinking that, the salad was ok maybe if it was separate?

"Heads down Queen Bee entered the building." Megan said under her breath. I looked to see where everyone's head were turning. Grace Lockwood's and her followers.

"Looks like Barbie got a new designer hand bag. What do you think? Vintage, Prada, Louis Vuitton...? I wondered.

"Can't actually tell from this angle?" She replied straining her clear blue eyes.

"Maybe it's fake, everything else is about her." I shrugged.

 "Daddy business might not be doing so well, credit crunch." Megan thought.

"Now come on Megan, I'm sure there is valuable excuse ."

"Like what?" We both smiled thinking along the same line.

"Not many students are getting a lot for their allowance?" Remembering the other week, when Megan and I saw her robbing some year7 dinner money.

"Either that or the teachers pay packet gone down." We fell into laugher not noticing the tall shadow that was forming over our table.

"What's so funny?" The voice purred to us. I looked up to see green cat like eyes staring at me and Megan, both of us stopped laughing.

"Grace how nice to see you." I said to her.

"It's always nice to see me isn't it Becky?" Grace replied turning to the red head girl beside her.

"Yes it is, you're lucky that she even talking to you." I couldn't believe this girl ‘Becky' was even talking to us like that, I was about to comment back when Megan's voice spoke up.

"Yer Grace, me and Ellie are so honoured, would you like to sit down, wearing those heels all day and all?" Megan half joked to Grace. All Grace did was smirk and raise her eyebrows, that didn't match the bleached blonde hair in the pony tail.

"As much as I would like to stay and ‘chat', I've got other things to do." She opened her new bag, still couldn't tell if it was real or fake.

"Yer, your clones have got to look out for teachers that might go into the library." I said under my breath, but her ears picked up on my comment.

"And why would they be doing that little Ellie?" She asked coming to stand over me. My heart started to speed up under my shirt and navy blue school jumper.

"I'll ask you again, tiny." Her voice turning deadly.

"Well that's where the room is, come on you should know the one". I stood up my knees locked into place. I didn't dare break eye contact with those green cats like eyes. "Don't you remember stealing the test paper for today's math exam?" I kept my voice low, only me and Grace would be able to hear. I could picture Megan nervously playing with her brown curly hair, wishing me to shut up and sit down.

Grace's face was a mixture of emotions thinking this through. The canteen was deadly quite. Not many people could speak to Grace like this, those who did, well I about to find out. Then the school bell rang declaring that it was time for lessons. The battle may be over, but the war was only just beginning....    



The End

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