Chapter8-Tell meMature

There was nothing but blackness. Everything felt alive around me. Loud noises, a beeping noise and a very annoying voice calling my name.

"Ellie come on wake up, Ellie Ellie!"

O'god shut up! I didn't want to deal with this, I was too tired and my body ached. Last night burled together into one big nightmare.

 "Ellie come on open your eyes, please I can't lose you. Ellie!"

There was something about this voice, but what was it? The blackness was getting lighter; I could feel that I was lying on something hard and cold.

Someone was holding my hand it was warm and shaking. "Please Ellie don't leave me". I could hear the voice more clearly now, the next part was whispered in my ear. "Just squeeze my hand, Pixie Ellie."  

Everything suddenly came slamming back into my head. It wasn't a dream. The fire. The stair banister. Mum.

I clenched the hand, coughing in my sore throat trying to speak. "Mmm. Mumm. Mum." Opening my eyes was painful and hard. They didn't want to open; they wanted to stay in the blackness. 

"Ellie." It was Bradley's voice that was closest to me; I could feel his tears on my face. "You're awake Ellie, She's awake get her some help." More voices came then talking all at once, not making any sense to my sore ears.

"Mummm, wheerrre ii is sheee?" I slurred I tried opening my eyes. I was looking up at the sky, tiny stars shone down on me and grey smoke licked into the night. "Firrr. Mumm...Mum."

The smoke clouded over my vision making it burl again.


When I opened my eyes again the scenery had changed. For one thing everything was white. My body ached and felt heavily when I tried to move. I managed to remove a face mask that was over my mouth. The smallest move was painful. My eyes were groggy, my head was dizzy and my throat was like sandpaper. I moved my head slightly to see Uncle Bradley sitting next to me; he was holding my hand and had fallen asleep.

"Brad...ahh...Brad." Coughing as I spoke trying to wake Bradley up. "Bradley." I touched his head weakly hitting him. Then his eyes opened, blinking a few times he finally meets my dark brown eyes.

"O'Ellie." A tear falls from his eye, I wiped it away, and Bradley caught my hand kissing it. "I can't believe you're awake. I know that you like sleeping late, but did you have to sleep for so long. I was soo worried."

"It is the weekend." Every word ripped my throat. "Mum where is she, what happened?"

His face darkened in a grave voice he asked. "What. What do you remember?"

"Where's mum Bradley"? Ignoring his question about what happened. It was too burled.

"Do you remember anything?"

"Bradley where is mum?"

"Ellie do you remember the fire? Last night? Falling down the stairs?"

"BRADLEY!" Surprising both of us at the sound of my voice, I sat up feeling trapped I needed to get out. I needed my mum.

"Ellie you're in pain you need to rest." Bradley said gently pushing me back to the bed. "Your dad will be here soon."

"I want to know where my mum is. Bradley just tell me. Please just tell me where my mum is." My voice was breaking now; I could see the pain in Bradley eyes. The way that he was looking at me it wasn't right, pain, lost, worried, pain soo much pain.

"The fire, she wasn't in my room. I went to find her. Then I lost my footing and fell into the banister. I remember falling, hitting things as I fell. I had to find her. But the smoke was too much. The flames." Closing my eyes remembering crawling on the floor, seeing the flames, feeling the heat. I touched my head feeling the cut. "The smoke it was getting to me. Then everything went black." I told him watching his face drop, the haunted look that I saw didn't look right on his face. He knew. He knew where mum was. What happened last night.

"Ellie you should wait for you dad to tel-

"Bradley." I sighed closing my eyes then opening them again. I didn't like this. Something wasn't right. His face. His voice. No something wasn't right. "Bradley please tell me where my mum is."

Bradley titled his head back, and then looked out the window. The sun was setting. Part of his mouth lifted up at the side nodding once, he was still gazing out the window sighing he finally looked back at me. Bradley took both of my hands lacing his fingers tightly and then took a ragged deep breath.

"Are you sure you don't want your dad, he will be here soon."

"I want you tell me where my mum is." A few more tears fell from his eyes.

"The fire started downstairs, the're think it was in the kitchen but there still investigating. Your mum must of woken up, left you to sleep and." Taking another deep breath. "She went downstairs. She." I didn't realise how my nails where digging in his skin, he unlaced one touching cupping my face.

"What happened to her Bradley? What happened to my mum?" I whispered my voice breaking; I was just waiting for the tears to start falling because surly, surly mum got to be ok.

"Ellie this is soo hard for me to tell you. But I have to tell you the truth you need to know." He closed his eyes again and then opening them again he told me.

"She didn't make it, she the...the kitchen...something fell...the f." He didn't need to tell me what happened next. Mum was knocked out, the flames were in the kitchen and she was trapped.


"She's dead Ellie." Bradley coked out tears were pouring from his eyes, he came on the bed hugging me. "My big sister, your mother. O'Ellie I'm soo sorry."

My arms wrapped round him, one of my hands ran through his hair. "Shh Bradley, shh." I felt as though I was the one comforting him, his tears soaked my hospital gown.

I however wasn't crying and my voice was steady when I spoke. "She wouldn't want her little brother like this. Shh everything going to be ok."

"Ellie it... should be me saying... this." He said between sobs. I smiled thinking about what he said; looking out the window I saw something fly away from the branch.

Mums words echoed in my head as me and Bradley held each other.

"There are many pixies in the world, but there is only one pixie that I love the most. Fore that one is the Irish pixie, with her deep brown eyes, that see into your soul. Her golden hair shines like the sun and with her cheeky smile that you can't help but love. Fore she is mine forever, my little pixie Ellie."   

"I love you mum."     




The End

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