Chapter7-Mother and daughterMature

 Me and mum stayed talking like that all night, dad was working late then with it being Friday he'll go out with the guy's from work and then come home late tonight. I loved Friday nights. Mum wanted to order for pizza but I told her that I would cook. So together we made spaghetti but instead of having mints beef with it, mum found some chicken fillets.

"Look lets use these or here there's some burgers in that pack." Digging deeper in the freezer and holding the chicken in one hand and the burgers in another.

"Mum we can't have them together, it wouldn't make sense it woul-

"Pixie Ellie, cooking doesn't have to make sense. The world doesn't make sense. There are no rules in life saying, you can't put chicken and burgers together in spaghetti mix." I had to laugh seeing her face light up as she talked about her mad idea. But she was right. I trusted her when she told me that the world made no sense.

"Ok I'll go along with your mad idea."


As it turns out dinner was delicious. Me and mum working together on our cooking creation. I was putting my PJ's on later that evening when my mum came into my room, wearing her PJ's and carrying her pillow.

"And where do you think you're going"? I asked one hand on my hip.

"PILLOW FIGHT!!" She shouted before smacking the pillow in my face. I dodged her next attack, jumping on my bed and grabbing my own pillow. I took a swing at her but missed. Mum ran to my CD player turning my music on full blast.

"Mum? What hey!" I shouted ducking again as she threw a smaller pillow at me. "O' game on." Then I hit her on her leg, mum joined me on my double bed and hitting me back.

"Been waiting for you to say that Pixie Ellie!" She laughed and started bouncing on my bed.         

And that was how it went for the next half an hour, we finally called it a draw falling on the bed laughing our heads off. Both me and mum looked at each other seeing the state of each other hair, tears of joy were rolling from our eyes. I was laughing soo much it was hurting my stomach and this was why I loved Friday nights without dad.

We couldn't do this with him here, my music blasting, pillow fights and especially jumping on the bed. Sometimes Uncle Bradley would come over also Megan. Then we would team up together running around the house like wild little kids.

We both stayed like that just talking about anything, and then mum surprised me by what she told me next. "Ellie you know that I love you, don't you?" I nodded seeing that the jokiness wasn't in her voice anymore as she continued. "I'll always be there for you, even if I'm not around all the time. You're soo young, but older at the same time. Your dad's right sometimes you act more like the adult around here then us."

"Mum what are you saying?" Something about her words was scaring me, she took my hand and I squeezed it.

"That I love you and no matter what happens I will always be there for you, no matter what challenges you face in you life." Looking into her brown eyes lighter then my own, I couldn't work her out. What was she saying? Then before I could call her on it, she changed the subject making me forget whatever it was I was going to say. My eye lids were closing but I kept fighting with them to stay open.

"Time for dreamland Pixie Ellie." Mum voice was soft full of so much love; I felt the covers over my body.

"Don't go." My eyes opened, I didn't want her to go not yet. I wanted to stay like this forever. She smiled and came back into my bed, I wrapped myself around her body and I felt her fingers run through my hair. Mum hadn't done this since I was a little kid, mostly when I couldn't sleep or I had nightmares. It was relaxing she kissed my hair whispering.

 "There are many pixies in the world, but there is only one pixie that I love the most. For that one is the Irish pixie, with her deep brown eyes, that see into your soul. Her golden hair shines like the sun and with her cheeky smile that you can't help but love. Fore she is mine forever, my little pixie Ellie."


Something was happening. I couldn't breath. I opened my eyes but it stung too much, coughing why I was I coughing? Something was stinging my nose, it was thick and dark. Then finally opening my eyes again, my mind caught up with what was going on. There was smoke in my room coming from under my door. I climbed out of bed, remembering something that I had being taught I went to the floor. I crawled to my door; I couldn't believe how hot it was sweat was dripping from my face.

Where's mum she was right next to me, where was she? Forgetting everything I stood up, holding on to the wall still coughing looking around. She wasn't in here; she must be in her room or somewhere else. Of course the sensible thing to do would be to open my window and jump on the front grass. I couldn't leave her.

I staggered over to my door testing the door handle; it was warm but not enough to burn me. I opened the door and the smoke was worse. Holding the door frame I edge closer to the stair banister. Orange, red and yellow flames blazed down stairs.

"Mum" I choked smoke was making my eyes water I staggered even more along the landing, her door was closed. Was she in there? If I can just get there and look. Then the unexpected happened.

 I lost my footing falling into the wooden banister. But it split. "Mum!" I shouted but it was useless, the smoke was too strong. I began falling with the banister down the stairs. I landed on every step and rolled to the bottom. It was hotter down here; I crawl along the floor not knowing where I was going. My head hurt I could feel not only sweat but blood dripping. "Mum, Mum!!!"

I couldn't move anymore my body stopped. But I didn't. "Mum. Mum. Mummm!" Every time I spoke it got harder and sorer in my throat. Tears fell from my eyes. I was scared. But not for me. Where was mum. Had she got out? Was she in her room, fast asleep not knowing where I was? The black smoke was affecting my eye sight. "Mmm...I...lovvve...youu....Mumm..."            






The End

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