Ellie Story-Unseen Tears.Mature

Ellie Story-Unseen Tears. Ellie life before she enters "Paranormal" the world of the 'Black Ones'. Also before she meets the other descendants of the Lost Civilization of Atlantis. Before she finds her power. This is Ellie's past!


Ellie Story-Unseen Tears

Ellie Chapter1- Breakfast.

"Morning Ellie." Dad said as we crossed each other on the landing.

"Moring dad!" I called back to him as I rushed down the stairs, smelling breakfast.

"Where's the fire?" He joked.

"Morning Pixie Ellie." My mum's soft warm voice said to me, her curly hair fell over her face as she kissed my forehead.

"Morning to you to mum. What's for breakfast?" I asked eyeing the frying pan where the delicious smell was coming from.

"Nothing special." She shrugged like a little child. "Just some. Amazing, mouth watering. Pancakes!" Again like a child she shrieked excitingly, nearly jumping up and down. Sometimes, I wondered who was the child and the adult between us.

"You are a very strange child with your food Ellie. Why you can't just have lemon and sugar on your pancake I don't know." Dad told me tucking into his own pancakes. He was commenting on me squeezing the chocolate sauce over my pancakes in a wavy line, and then placing some strawberries at the side in a neat pattern.   

"Oh leave her alone Bill, she's creative when it comes to cooking, aren't you darling?" Under the table mum nudged my leg with hers. "Gets it from my side of the family, just like Bradley you are."

Bradley or Uncle Bradley, was a chef in a hotel where we lived in little village just outside of Dublin, Ireland. Sometimes I helped out there when they had a big event, like a wedding or a party. It didn't pay very well and I was always looking for some place where I could really cook.

"Ellie, time you got your exam today haven't you?" Dads voice interrupted my thoughts.

"I'm going now anyway, the joys of school." I finished my pancakes and put my plate on the side.

"O'Ellie before you go, can I borrow your black skirt, you know the one with the zip at the side." Mum asked me knowing that it would fit her perfectly as it does on my size 8 body.

"Yer sure, how come you want that?"

"Got the interview an work, manger. Didn't I tell you?" Her voice turning all innocent all of a sudden.

"No mum that's brilliant!" I hugged her.

"Kelly, she has to go to school." Dad chipped in. We pulled back, mum keeping her arm around me. "You pair look more like twins right about now." He smiled taking his paper into the living room.

"Good luck on the interview mum." I hugged her again, and then I opened the door grabbing my school bag.

"Good luck on the test Pixie Ellie!" She kissed my check and I closed the door heading for school.           


The End

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