Ellie Knight: Hiya Grandma!

I loved my Grandma. She was a well built woman, but with a very soft face. Her soft, silver hair neatly framed her face-cut into a bob. She had been prescribed glasses, but very rarely wore them. She once had bright blue eyes, but with age, they had faded to a dark grey colour. Her face lit up everytime she looked at me. I was her first grandchild, and as she always reminded me, her favourite. 

We had lunch with my Grandma and D-dad (When I was younger, I couldn't say "Granddad" so I called him "D-dad" and... well... it stuck!) as D-dad was an excellent cook. 

"Do you guys want to go for a walk in the woods later?" D-dad asked us.

"ohhh! yesyesyes!" Sky squealed in excitement. She loved the woods; the little angel. "can we? can we? can we pleeeeeeeeeeease?" she begged our mother.

"I don't see why not" My Mother replied smiling "Ellie? Matt?" she addressed me and my Father "You up for a walk in the woods?" 

We both nodded agreement, and continued with our meal, content and smiling at one another, no idea of the tragedy that was about to come.  

The End

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