Ellie Knight: "grrrowllehh uwuyahhhughhh"

 Saturday… I thought to myself… Lay in’s… Yay…

“Ellie! Get up! We’re going to grandma’s!” My mother’s voice called from some far away distant land.
        “go away!” I moaned, though I’m pretty sure it came out something like “grrrowllehh uwuyahhhughhh” 

"No Ellie. Up. Now!" Her voice came again, but it was more distant now as she had left the room, and was walking away.

My eyes fluttered to the clock on the wall. 1O am. TOO. EARLY. For the weekend at least... I sat up in my bed, and rubbed my eyes with the palms of my hands, then, with a great deal of effort, I got up. Again. On the weekend. 

"Ellie, we're leaving in half an hour! And considering how long it normally takes you to do your make up, fix your hair, choose an outfit, or whatever, I suggest you GET MOVING." My Mother called again.

"I'm up!" I yelled back. Gosh, I hated being hurried!

The End

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