Ellie Knight: Ginger.


I walked across the field, to where my friends where.

Ellieellieellieellieellieellieellieellieellie!” was all I heard before I was literally leaped on by someone. I turned to see my best friend chasing after me.

“yes Jess?” I said, laughing and slightly out of breath from the blow.
        “I’ve been following you since art! Did you like not hear me or something?” she said, then rolled her eyes.

I raised my eyebrows at my insane best friend. She had greeny/browny/orangy eyes, a perfect figure, with a long face neatly framed by her long, curly, ginger hair. Her glasses sat on her face, not making her look “geeky” as so was stereotyped, but complementing her beautiful face lovely.
   “Sorry Ginger, I think I’m going deaf.” I said sarcastically, and she grinned at the nickname she was so used to now- as she smiled, her perfectly straight teeth shined, and her freckles became more prominent. She was so gorgeous! “Why won’t you admit you’re beautiful?” I asked her, annoyed slightly.

“Because I’m not.” She frowned “and where did that even come from?!”

I just laughed at her, as I said hello to the people passing and waving at me. “why were you so eager to talk to me anyway? You’re in my class”

“Exactly!” she replied “it’s like you’ve been day dreaming all day. I can’t get through to you at all! Is something wrong?”

“No?” I replied, confused.
        “Oh… okay… you just seem kind of… out there?”

“Jess. Look at me. And then tell me that I’m, in anyway, “in there” I said, sticking my tongue out at her.

“Hm. Well, I do have to say, the bright red fringe doesn’t exactly make you look normal. But I suppose it’s better than having half of your hair dyed pink, the other half purple like you did before. And pink highlights before that. And red highlights before that. And the ends tipped red before th-“
        “Okay! I get it!” I interrupted her.

It was her turn to laugh now, as I rolled my eyes, and continued walking, her at my side.

The End

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