Ellie Knight: Late. Again.

Magic… Her guinea pig… Oh no… I swear, she was closer to that thing than any person had ever been to any pet. Ever.

“How sweety? How do you know?” I asked her, wiping her eyes.

“M-Mummy t-t-told me-e-…” she stuttered between sobs.

Just then, my mother walked in, looking down at us. She took Sky from my arms, and held her over her shoulder. My mother was a very beautiful women, though you’d never catch her admitting it. She had short cut hair that stood spiking in all different directions. She had the same dark hair as the majority of our family, only with a red fringe(thanks to me!). Her piercing brown eyes looked over me. She stood not much taller than me, and I was only 5”3, if that.

“Ellie, have you seen the time?” she said, over Sky’s sobs. I looked over at the clock 8:2O. 

        “How the heck..?” I began, but never finished as my mothers disapproving gaze cut me short. “I’m just gonna start getting ready now…” I said to her and watched as she gave me the “Ya think?” look, and nodded, taking sobbing Sky with her as she left.

Before she shut the door, my mother turned to me and said “I’m not letting Sky go in to school like this, so she’s staying off today…” she began, sky’s sob’s immediately stopped, and she looked up suddenly, alert, oddly resembling a meerkat.

“I’m not going in to school?” She said to our mother.
        “No baby, you’re not. Why don’t you go get changed out of your uniform in to something more comfortable?”

“Okay mummy…” Sky jumped out of mum’s arm’s and on to the floor, then she hurried upstairs to her room, to get changed.

“I need to go in to work to get my laptop, then I’ll be working from home today. I’m taking Sky in with me, and I’m leaving in about 15 minutes, so get ready fast, and I’ll give you a lift.” My mother said to me. I nodded quickly, and she shut the door.

Great. School. At least it was a Friday, no school at the weekend! Thank god for that. 

The End

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