Ellie Knight: "Wooooooooooooosh."

Ellie Knight,
The character from: http://www.protagonize.com/story/jay-hale-a-completely-out-of-context-story-that-has-nothing-to-do-with-anything-in-his-life-at-all
^ that story.
What her life was like before.

 “Oh look. You’re asleep. Again. GET! UP!” a loud voice shouted. Too early. That’s all I could think. Way. Too. Early. I sighed to myself, and rolled over on to my back. Gosh my bed was comfortable. I sighed again, feeling warm and cosy. Suddenly, there was cold. The covers had been whipped away. “Get. Up.” My dad said in a stern voice. I rolled back over and looked from him to the clock, 7:5O. Oops… I was late. Again. Big shocker there.

Okay, maybe I should start again. I’m Ellie. Ellie Knight. I know, ironic. Not as bad as my sister, Sky Knight. Who knew my parents could be so cruel? Oh… I should probably explain about that too. My dad isn’t as bad as he may seem, to be fair, it is the morning, and I do need to get up for school. Unfortunately. But that wasn’t the nicest of awakenings. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have gotten up at all if he hadn’t.

I sighed again. I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. Sighing. Anyway, back to me. Oh that sounded vain. It’s ironic really, because a lot of people think I am vain, when really, I’m probably the least vain person you’ll ever meet. In the most modest way of course. Wow I seem like a hypocrite. Is it obvious I make bad first impressions?

A lot of irony and sighing in there. Hmph. I guess that sums up just how… interesting? My life is. Or.. not. 

“HELLO?!” my dad literally screamed at me, “ANYBODY IN THERE?!” no dad. My head is completely empty. Wooooooooooosh. Incase you didn’t get it, that was the air woooooooooooooshing around my apparently empty head. 

“Yes dad. I’m up.” I replied, quite clearly not up since I was still laying on my bed, head succumbed in pillow. 

“Up. Now. School. Go.” He said each word separately. I sighed, (again? Oh dear me!) and dragged myself out of bed and over to the mirror as my dad shut the door on his way out. 

The End

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