Elf army tryouts

This is a romance about a female elf, Ellie. It takes place in a fantasy world, without humans, but it does have full sized animals. The elves however, are at tallest 10 inches, and are small creatures. The three types of elves, Tree Elves, Sky Elves, and Shadow Elves who are all at war with the Evil Elves. Ellie is a tree elf, but not JUST a tree elf, she's very special, but problem is, nobody knows how or why. But, how can she focus on destiny when there are three guys in pursuit of her heart?

A few things to know before diving into my universe.

There are Tree Elves, Sky Elves, Shadow Elves, and Evil Elves. The Tree Elves as you might have guessed live in trees in bright, beautiful forests. They are in charge of building wood carving weapons and armor for the soldiers, some lucky Tree Elves will get to be soldiers as well, but only if picked by the Sky Elves. The Sky Elves designed machinery that allowed them to build floating cities, allowing them to literally live in the sky. They make up most of the Elf army, and hold the soldiers. The Shadow Elves live in dark forests, near swamps, and in dead trees. They work as spies and assassins for the Elf army.


The tall, slim, female elf was fast asleep in her wooden bed, on her cotton mattress. She slowly opened her bright brown eyes, yawning and stretching as she got up. She suddenly got a burst of energy as she realized what day it was.

"Eighteenth birthday, baby!" she excitedly shouted out of her 'window', which was a small hole in her tree room, big enough to let in a beautiful ray of sunshine, and at night it showed every star in the sky. She childishly skipped to the giant (to her at least) ruler standing up in the corner of her room next to her mirror. She flattened herself against it, grabbed a piece of pencil lead (what elves write with), and marked her height. She turned around to see where the mark was.

'Six inches huh? Still haven't grown much since last year.' She thought. She looked into her mirror. Her skin was a fair shade, very clean and clear. Her light brown hair was dull and straight, yet long enough to reach the middle of her back. She grabbed her favorite red bow, and tied her hair back into a ponytail, leaving a few strands to fall over her shoulders. After that, she got dressed for the day, choosing to wear a forest green hooded jacket with a red t-shirt under it, pale green pants, and red shoes. She ran down the wood carved stairs that ran along and twisted with the tree's trunk to greet her parents in the living room.

"Morning! How's my two most favorite elves in...the...world?" she said, cheerfully at first, but it quickly faded to confusion. Her parents weren't busy baking a peach-filled birthday cake for her, like they did every year. they were waiting for her when she got downstairs, standing with concerned faces.

Her mother spoke first. She was an exact image of her mother, only her mom was older and built more maturely.

"Ellie... you're eighteen today, and well, your father and I have been thinking, and..." she started, but Ellie's father interrupted.

Her father had darker brown hair, and green eyes, and had black glasses that he always wore.

"For High Elf's sake, woman!" he impatiently said to his wife. "What we're saying is, it's about time that you took up the family business of wood carving."

"B-But, I don't want to be a wood carver." she complained. "I want to be a soldier, and fight with the Sky Elves!"

She would have continued on, but her father already looked furious. So, she said nothing more. "We tell you this every year, Ellie. Only those selected by Sky Elves may be warriors for the Elf army! You are not worthy!"

"What makes you think that I'm not?!" Ellie yelled back, determined not to back down. By now, her mother was long forgotten, despite her efforts to calm her husband and daughter.

"You think that just because you can do some fancy moves with a sewing needle, that you're a master sword wielder? Well, you're not, Ellie! You're going to get killed out there, and you'll wish that you had stayed here!" her father spat back.

"WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I CAN'T TAKE CARE OF MYSELF?!" she angrily shouted, stomping over to where her sewing needle/sword was, picking it up, and storming outside of her tree home.

Today was the auditions for the Elf army. The day the Sky Elves came down from their floating city, and Judged which Tree Elves were worthy of joining them. Ellie couldn't let her father distract her from living her dream. Suddenly, she heard something behind her, like someone who had just run a marathon and was having to catch a bus.

She turned around, and smiled. "Frankie!"

Her pudgy friend was having trouble keeping up with her. He was 5 inches tall, short for an eighteen year old elf, and his pale skin was bright red from running. He had carrot-top orange hair, and bright green eyes, with freckles across his face. He had a higher voice, as if not fully matured, but Ellie figured that he was a rrreeeaaalllly slow bloomer. He was cute for a Tree Elf, and even had a crush on Ellie. Not that she was interested. She was in love with a Sky Elf, a cute boy that was 6 1/2 inches. Like all Sky Elves, he had pale gray skin instead of normal skin colors, white hair that was styled short with a side bang, and beautiful blue eyes. He wore a white long-sleeved shirt under a sky blue robe that covered his feet.

"Thinking about Zephyr again?" Frankie rolled his eyes, sighing almost disappointingly.

"What gave you that idea?" Ellie said, realizing that she had been staring off into space, she wiped drool off the side of her mouth with her sleeve. She blushed more red than Frankie's face had looked. Before long, they had walked to the arena together, laughing and talking about how cool it would be once she became a warrior. Or at least Ellie was, Frankie looked scared witless at the thought of losing her if she died on the battlefield.

"You should try out with me! You're pretty slow and weak, but you're really smart to. Maybe you could convince the Evil Elves not to kill you!" she teased.

"Why not? It's not like they would ever choose me anyway!" He laughed. They walked into the arena, where they saw a crowd of Tree Elves, all hoping to be picked.

"Oh! Ellie, Frankie! You two are here again this year? I'm guessing Frankie will be watching from the sidelines again this year, right?" they heard a voice from behind them.

Ellie grinned wide, and Frankie rolled his eyes again. "Hi, Zephyr. For your information, I'm trying out this year!"

Zephyr laughed. 'He has the cutest laugh.' Ellie thought.

"I was just kidding, Frankie." He smiled. His voice was high to, but had a more mature sound to it. He was eighteen, and the reason Ellie was so excited for her birthday in the first place.

"Anyway, I came over to say that you're up next, Ellie. I tried to stall as much as I could, so that they wouldn't skip you this year."

"Handsome and kind..." she sighed, then blushed red. "Did I just say that out loud?"

Frankie and Zephyr both nodded, their eyes wide with surprise at the outburst. She quickly grabbed on to her needle/sword, and ran out into the arena.

As always, it was shut off from everyone else. Five Sky Elves, including Zephyr were all sitting at a judging table, guarded by an unbreakable plastic bubble around the table. It was hard to tell what they looked like, as the bubble made them appear blurry. One activated her microphone.

"You may begin now.' she said, her feminine voice bouncing off the walls of the giant arena.

As soon as she said this, attack dummies, punching bags, and an obstacle course were brought out by staff.

Ellie started by using her needle to slice the dummies to ribbons. She quickly made her way to the punching bags, getting a running start she drop kicked one of the punching bags, managing to tear it. She continued to attack it, using fast punches and kicks to tear bag from bag. Finally, she ran over to the obstacle course. The course was like an Indiana Jones movie. she had to dodge and duck under and over wooden bars that threatened to knock her out. she had to run fast before the bars could hit her. One managed to hit her, but she stood back up, dizzy yet determined. she crossed the finish line, panting and wheezing.

'M-Maybe, i'm really not ready for this... I can't even handle a simple course, much less merciless Evil Elves. Who will come at me with clubs ten times harder than those bars.' she thought, almost causing herself to tear up. She blinked away her tears, and hopefully looked over to the Judges table, but their blurry faces didn't tell her anything. She ran out of the arena, back out to the waiting room where Frankie was waiting for her.

Before long, the Sky Elves announced the names. Right when Ellie was about to give up hope, she heard them say something that surprised her.

"Ect., ect., Frankie Forrester, Ellie Carver, ect., ect."

Ellie smiled so wide, she felt like her face would break in half, she hugged Frankie as hard as she could. He probably would have been embarrassed and blushed, but he was frozen in shock and fright.

"I was c-chosen. I-I was actually c-chosen. I won't last a day..." he freaked out, over and over. Ellie rolled her eyes.

"I won't let the Evil Elves so much as touch you." she smiled. She saw Zephyr appear along with the other judges and ran to hug him, he hugged her back and laughed.

"Welcome to the army, Ellie!"

The End

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