The table has been layed with fine china, silver, crystal and linen the centerpiece of the table is an arrangement of flowers, lavender is the only one I can identify but the arrangement is flawless, so many different shades of purple, whites and a few blues...

"What are you looking at Ellie?" Tamaki looks confused
"Oh, the flowers....they're really pretty" I smile, feeling embarressed
Tamaki smiles "They are indeed-"
"Not as pretty as you Ellie"
I look up to see mr suoh, smiling by the door"Hi mr suoh" I smile "Good day?"
"The same as usual" he smiles and sits down
Is that good or bad?

"Dinner is served" Butlers come through the doors with food and begin plating our meal, to start is an odd quiche like thing and more our main meal we have roast beef, mashes potatoes and peas with gravy in our own little boat thing. I take a bite. It's delicious.

The End

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