I open my eyes and see a blanket has been placed over me, oh god! I fell asleep! I notice that the sound of Kyouya's typing has dissappeared and sigh, how embaressing.
"Miss Tobin?" The door opens and I see a cute little blonde kid carrying a pink bunny toy dressed in the school's uniform, huh, guesse he's old enough to go here.
"Oh...hi there" I smile and get up, folding the blanket at the end of the sofa "Whats your name?"
"Haninozuka, everyone calls me Hani-chan Miss Tobin"
"Alright then hi Hani-chan, no need for the miss tobin thing, you can call me Ellie" I beam
"Ellie" he smiles "would you like to join me for some cake?"
"I would love to Hani-Chan" we walk through the doors and the room is occupied by the host club members, minus Kyouya, wonder where he went.
"Hi Miss Tobin!" Tamaki Suoh....thats his name
"Hi Mr Suoh" I beam, I'm not quite sure what happened next but all I felt was a woosh of air and then Tamaki had picked me up and was spinnng me about.
"So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!" he exclaims
The room starts to blur and I look to the orange haired twins "Hey twin tom cats! Lil help?"
They smirk and shrug, I am promptly put down after Tamaki is tripped up by a bannana skin, huh, guesse that doesn't just happen in cartoons.
"Thanks" I blow the hair out of my face "I'm Ellie by the way, not Miss Tobin"
"I'm Hikaru"
"I'm Kaoru"
Huh it seems Kaoru's voice is softer than Hikaru's "The 'yaoi' twins right?" I laugh "Nice to meet you"
"Your english?" they say together
"Yep" I beam "Not blonde like the stereotype but then I dont know a lot of natural blondes back home"
"Hey Ellie, I thought we were gonna have cake" Hani-chan looks at me with puppy dog eyes and I smile.
"I did say that didn't I, hws this? I'll make some brownies and bring them in 'kay?"
His eyes light up "Yay!"

I giggle, then look at the clock, four o'clock already huh?
"Whats the matter?" Tamaki enquires
"Nothing, I just better head to the dorms-dorm-room"
"I didn'tknow we had dorms" Hikaru sighs
"We don't" Kaoru agrees
"Nope" I laugh "But the chairman set me up a room at his place included in my scholarship, he's a nice guy"
"So that means you live with me!" Tamaki beams "Yay! I havea sister! A sister, a sister!" he sings.
"Good luck living with him" the girl in boys clothes mutters
"Aww thats so mean Haruhi! You shouldn't talk like that to your father!" Father? heh guesse it's a thing between them.
"He's the chairman's son" Hani-chan says
"Really?" a very spirited guy
"Yeah"the tall guy in the corner says
"Okay then" I laugh "Well brother, I promised that I'dbe back at a certain time to make your dad's favorite treat"
"You can ride in the car with me"Tamaki smiles "I've always wanted a little sister"
"Oh...thanks Onii-chan...?" I smile nervously
He beams and bids farewell to the club, leading me to the front of the school where a luxurious car is waiting for us.

He opens the door for me and I get in,he sits next to me "So your here on a scholaship?"
"Yeah" I sigh "how else could I come here"
"Dont you miss England?"
"I finished school in england so there were no problems for me to come to Japan, though I do miss my family" I admit

Tamaki smiles and nods "Hey" he says to the driver "from now on wait for Ellie too"
"Yes sir"
"Are you sure Tamaki? I mean its not that far to walk...."
"What kind of big brother would I be if I made my little sister walk to school?"
A normal one? "Thanks" I smile.

"We're home!" Tamaki exclaims, the doors to the car open for us and I take my first look at where I'll be living for a, just wow.

The doors to the mansion open as we approach and we are greeted by several maids and butlers "Welcome home Tamaki-sama, Eleanor-sama"

A few maids come towards me "We have been insructed to show you to your room Eleanor-sama" they smile

"Oh...thank you... but please call me Ellie" I laugh nervously and they take me upstairs to my room.

"Your wardrobe has been stocked, following orders of the chairman, the items from your suitcase have also been added"

"" I smile and they leave me to change. I open my wardrobe and gulp, so much silk and lace.

I settle for a pair of my old jeans and a pink sakura blossom top, I brush through my hair, put it up in a ponytail,re-apply deoderant, spray on some perfume and head downstairs towards the kitchen where Iam met with several maids and butlers. "Hi guys uh...can I borrow the kitchen? The chairman wanted me to make my special brownies"

They all freeze, not knowing what to do, then they all smile and say "of course" and they hand me an apron and the ingredients as needed. I pour my mixture into three seperate tins and put them in the oven. "Thanks for the help" I smile at them "I made enough for the chairman, the host club and for you guys if you want any.

Tamaki comes in then an looks at me "Ellie! You look so cute!"

I look down, oh right, a frilly apron "Thanks Onii-chan" I laugh

"What are you making?" he smells the air and sighs happily

"Brownies" I beam "for after dinner"

Tamaki smiles "Yay!"
I roll my eyes "They'll be done in fifteen minutes"

"Miss we'll take them out" A butler smiles at me

"Thanks" I smile "If you stick an knife in the mixture and the knife comes out with stuff on it could you put it in for a further ten minutes please?"

"Of course"

"Thank you" Tamaki takes my hand and drags me out of the kitchen

"Whats up Onni-chan?"

"It's time to get ready for dinner" he smiles and I see he is wearing his school tousers and a posh shirt

"Right" I take off my apron and let down my hair "ready" I beam.

The End

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