Ellie and the ouran highschool host clubMature

A fan fiction about the show ouran highschool host club

"Have you seen the new girl?"
"Not yet, but I hear she's a commenor"

"Another one? What is this, a public school?"
"Shhhhhh! Look! I think thats her!"

"She's so plain!"
"She doesn't look very smart!"
"And look at that expression on her face! It's creepy!"

"Do you think she can hear us?"

Yes, I can.

"No way. She foreign too, probably doesn't understand us"
Oh but I do.
"It'll be fun to mess wih her"
I wouldn't try it.

I hear the footsteps approaching me, clip, clop, clip, clop, the sound of a 'lady's' heel on the stone.
"Excuse me but aren't you too poor to come to school here?"
There is silence.
One of them taps my shoulder.
"Can you understand us? Commenor?"
"Yes, I can understand you perfectly" I turn to face them, a bright smile on my face "And I heard every word you said just now, and as for your so called insults, you better polish up on them, or have you never heard of a dictionary?" I turn to go then stop "Oh and by the way, I ma be 'foreign', 'plain' and a 'commenor' but at least I'm not a complete bitch, unlike some, stuck-up brats who think money will carry them through life" I smile back at them "Well, it was nice meeting you"

I walk into the main building hearing a comment about me here and there, but hey, whatever right. I head towards the music room I hear is so famous and I open the doors, only to be confronted by a flurry of rose petals and the heavy scent of tea.Yuck. I hatetea. "Welcome" when the rose petals clear away I see a group of extremely handsome boys and a very girlish boy, in fact, it almst looks like he has...breasts? Odd. Ah well, to each their own.
"Um....hi....I just came to investigate the rooms so...sorry to disturb you all, goodbye" I bow and am about to leave when I catch the sight of a rose in the corner of my eye, it's the blond guy "Wont you come in for some tea? Please my princess?" his deep blue eyes are gorgeous but 'my princess' p-leeeease how many times has he used that before. "I would but I hate tea, the smell, the taste..." I shudder
The twins are up next but I lift my hand "Seriously, I hate tea"

"How strange" The guy with the glasses stands up and walks towards me "most refined young ladies love our blend of tea"

I smile "Thats where I''m 'at fault' sorry but I'm no 'refined young lady' I hate tea, I cant ballroom dance, I'm sarcastic, immature and to be quite honest...completely odd" I wink "anyway, see you" and with that I leave the room with the beautiful boys behind me, realising why they are so bloody famous.

I get to class and take out my book, indipendant study. Yay. I begin writing, nothing important, just an idea, a start of a story, a new creation of my imagnation that never seems to stop. "Excuse me? Miss?" I turn my head, it's the glasses guy with a fake smile on his face
"It seems I didn't get to introduce myself earlier I am-"
"I already know, spare yourself the breat and the fake smile dude"

His face freezes "I don't know what your...."
"Please, I do it enough to know a fake smile, a mask of emotions, to be honest your rather pissed off at me, because I'm so rude and ignorant." I smile and sigh "My presence is an eyesore and I just give you a head-ache, do't worry, I get it all the time" I beam "Later gater"
Then I hear something snap, the glasses guy's face becomes colder and I can feel the chill rolling off of him, I cross my arms and patiently wait, he's about to say something knowledgable to me now. Yay. "Excuse me...senpai but I have to study, so if you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if you leave me be" I beam.
He lifts his head and I see his true face at last, scary, cold and spine tingling "My name is Kyouya Otori, remember it Miss Tobin" and with that, he leaves.

I hear laughter behind me, but not the usual kind, not the hahaha kind but the hohoho kind, a girl appears from a spinning platform, laughing like a crazy woman, I think I've found my new best friend. "You" the girl points at me.
"Yes, me"
"It seems you have entered the world of host club romance"
"Huh? the what and what romance?"
"The host club! THE HOST CLUB!"
"You mean the group of boys in the music room? How have I entered their world of romance?" I sigh
"By making Kyouya Otori interested, a boy who rarely socialises outside the host club, who excluded himself from the rest of the world, up until now he has never asked anyone to remember his name until now, it must be the beginning of a fresh new love! It's so beautiful, I could eat three bowls of rice!"
I hear the bell go off "Riiiiight, well bye" I get up from my desk and walk out of the room, before any weird rumours can start, I turn the corridoor ready to have a nice, long break when I feel my feet lose contact with the ground and I can see ginger hair in my peripheral vision.Am I being kidnapped? This is gonna be interesting.

When we finally stop, I'm inside the music room, on a posh chair with a cup of tea infront of me, yuck, I am notdrinking that. I cross my arms and wait for someone to tell me why I was dragged here.
"So, Miss Tobin, do you know why your here?" The blond one, Tamaki I think his name is, seems to be the leader
"To be honest, no, all I know is that one minute I'm walking down the hall and the next I was dragged here by two yaoi faking twins"
"Wait, so you really dont know why your here?"
"No, can you tell me?"
"Well Kyouya came back here in an even weirder mood than usual, he was spaced out"
"And thats weird because......?"
They all exchange glances and I get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomache.
"Kyouya never spaces out, never"
"And what does this have to do with me?"
"Renge told us about your chat in the classroom"
"So I'm the one who needs to fix it right?"
I sigh "Fine, where is he?"
"Come by here tommorrow in normal clothes"
"Okay, anything specific I should wear?"
"Something attractive"
"No promises, wheres Kyouya?"

"In the other room, accounting"

I get up from my seat and head towards the other room, opening the door and closing it quietly behind me. I see Kyouya at his computer, but not moving, they weren't joking, when they said he was spaced out they really meant spaced out, it's like he's on another planet. "Kyouya senpai?"

His head snaps up and I see shock on his face "Yes?"
"I was wondering if I could stay in here for a while, I'm sick of hearing the rumours that are spreading round about me"
Kyouya nods and then oes back to staring at his computer, I sit down on a chair in the corner quietly and relax as I hear hi tying like crazy on his computer. Good. He's back to normal.

The End

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