Iz spoke again.

"We did not expect you for another hour or so. You have come early!" Iz smiled. The smile was a little too wide, like Iz had seen a picture of a smile and was trying to mimic it. It was a bit creepy; it showed off his slightly pointy teeth too much.

"How long was the tunnel?" asked someone shakily. They had only been in there a few minutes, hadn't they?

"Oh, a ways. It takes a few days to travel."

"A few days? We were only in there a couple of minutes!" shrieked someone else.

"Ah, well, magic does tend to do that. You were only in there for, oh, a day and a half. Follow me!"

And Iz sprang off of the purple cushy thing and marched off into the city.

No-one wanted to be left behind, so everyone tentatively walked after, nervously murmuring among themselves.

Elizabeth wound by Iz, so she asked Iz a question: 

"Where are we going?" she said, in a would-be-casual voice.

"There," said Iz, pointing with its (I have decided to save time I will refer to Iz as it since Iz is a faerie and they do not identify with either gender, though I suppose most people perceive them as feminine) knobbly hand towards the grand building.

"What's there?" said Elizabeth in a slightly crosser voice. She hated it when people were vague.

"That is the ACF building. We'll go over your situation there tomorrow morning."

Elizabeth was still getting used to the fact that it was night. Also, of course, all the stars were in the wrong places, which was very confusing.

Also she didn't approve of fancy government buildings and monuments. She thought taxpayers money could be better spent helping the needy, for example, rather then glorifying those who already had glory.

But here they probably used magic. She should probably stop being so judgemental.

Elizabeth loved magic, she loved adventure, she loved heroes and faeries and dragons, but the problem was that she was a practical, sensible person who disapproved of taxpayers paying for grandeur.  She deeply disapproved of royalty. She had a touch of Marxism in her, really, which didn't seem great in a world full of kings and queens and grand buildings.

Maureen was her opposite. Maureen loved kings and queens and grand buildings. She was one of those girls who never quite got over her princess phase. And I know you think Maureen is very adventurous and all that, and she is, but she LOVES the whole idea of royalty, and magic, and all the glamor and sparkle the world can offer.

To put it simply, Maureen loved glitter. Elizabeth knew that glitter is very inconvenient.

The End

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