A thought occurred to Maureen at this time. (I know, you're all very surprised. Maureen really doesn't seem the type to think. But think she did)

The thought was "Maggie is weird. But she somehow seems to know what is going on. I think I'll stick with her."

After all, Maggie seemed very at home here, and not worried at all.

Maureen, unlike what Elizabeth would have done, didn't bother asking Maggie how she knew that it was going to turn out alright. She didn't even wonder about it.

Maureen was the type of person who, once they had come to a decision, didn't stress about anything.  And she wasn't really all that curious of a person either.

So having decided to accept the fact, Maureen totally forgot about it and decided to try to scare Elizabeth.

Lily-Ann was was aways behind them heard a rather loud scream, ran forward to see what happened, and saw Elizabeth looking very flustered and annoyed. Maggie and Maureen  were practically crying laughing- actually it hadn't been when Elizabeth had screamed that had set them off. It was when Elizabeth had afterwards shrieked "Run!" and dragged them both behind her as she took off until she realized that it had been Maureen who had tapped her on the shoulder.

Elizabeth stuttered out that she wasn't actually scared, but she was a horrible liar when she was embarrassed, so that didn't go to well.

Suddenly, all the way back at the original pit, a strange orange light flared up, and Sue came running forward to inform everyone who didn't already know that Yolanda had, for some reason, a matchbox in her pocket, and she had discovered that there were torches on the wall, and she had lit one.

After that Yolanda went in front.

The tunnel turned out to be stone-literally carved from rock-and only the tallest people had to stoop, and there was enough room for four people to walk abreast.

Reader, I must apologize for using a pretentious word such as abreast, but I think it fits our tale of adventure and magic and glamor and daring well.

On Earth, a lot of people would have freaked out by now. As in the vast majority would have freaked out.

But it was a little different here. 

First of all, nobody else had freaked out yet and you didn't want to be the first. Second, most people felt like heroes by now- there was magic, and dragons, and goodness knows what- why should they be afraid of a dark tunnel? Something wonderful probably lay at the end of it.

Elizabeth was actually freaking out, but she was doing it very quietly and was only really bothering Maureen, who regretted the tapping-shoulder incident now. She and Maggie still hadn't really caught their breath from the running and laughing- it was harder to catch your breath down here.

Also Elizabeth kept muttering about how they were going to die, which was depressing.

Maggie, though, was at ease.Mauree

The End

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