The tunnel

The lead faerie then turned and spoke very quickly and quietly to the others. Then the lead faerie (whose name, if you remember, was Iz) pointed at the ground.

A hole, much like the one in the sky yesterday, appeared. It grew until it was about the size of a hobbit-door, when it stopped. It was different from the other hole in that it wasn't entirely black. It was more like the color of the night sky- black at first, but then sort of indigo in places and purple near the cities and maybe even a little red where the sun peeps over the horizon.

Iz addressed Elizabeth, as Elizabeth was evidently in charge.

"Sir," said Iz, "Please follow me, and bring the crowd along, as well."

And Iz, roughly shoved the other faeries (who seemed to shrink a bit when she- or he- or it- touched them) into the hole, then smiled at them all, and daintily jumped in.

Everyone awkwardly walked over to the portal.

Elizabeth looked doubtfully into the hole. It looked deep.

Everyone was looking at her again. She took a deep breath and reminded herself that she was an elected official with important duties.

She sat down and then carefully lowered herself in until she was hanging on the edge. It was a very uncomfortable position and everyone was still staring at her, but she couldn't quite feel the bottom with her feet. 

Suddenly, thoughts kept popping to her head. This portal didn't feel like the other one, for example. This one was just a tunnel. That one was real. This one might just be a hole which she could fall into, deeper and deeper til she hit the middle of Blotch itself.  Maybe it was a trap.

She let go and gave a little shriek, but in a moment she hit hard ground. She looked up and saw a circle of light. She had fallen a long ways! But she didn't feel hurt at all.

Well, at least she wouldn't fall to the middle of Blotch.

"Come on then!" she called bravely.

She looked around squinting, her eyes adjusting to the dark. Maureen gave a long scream and hit the ground a moment later.

Elizabeth yelled up to them again: "Not so fast! There's not that much room here!" but before she could finish talking Maggie also landed next to them.

"Well, let's get out of here before we get crushed," said Maureen, a tad grumpily as she was rather embarassed by screaming.

"It's this way," said Maggie pointing out to a tunnel that they hadn't noticed before.

"Well this certainly isn't like the portal," said Elizabeth.

And they walked down the tunnel.

It seemed to go on for a while, but they kept hearing shrieks and then embarassed silences back in the original pit. It was scary though, they were just walking  through the dark, with tons of earth and rock on top of them,  their only light coming from a tiny opening that was steadily getting farther away.

And the faeries were nowhere in sight.

The End

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