the ACF

"Hello," said the lead faerie, calmly, "would you mind coming with us, sirs? The dragon queen has given us permission to pick you up, unless, of course you'd rather stay here." the faerie looked darkly around the clearing, as if wondering why anyone would want to stay here.

Almost everyone was alright with this- what harm could faeries do them? This was an adventure!- Elizabeth, newly elected head of C.O.H.B, was determined to stick to her duties and be responsible.

"Excuse me," she said in a clear voice, "I am Elizabeth, and I represent the Council of Human Beings, and I would like some information on where you would be taking us, and"-here Elizabeth paused, wondering about the definition of whom- "to whom, and for what purpose."  she finished impressively.

"Very well, sir," said the faerie, pleased that someone was taking authority (faeries like things to be clear that way).

"I represent the Annual Congress of Faeries or the A.C.F, and my name is Izzzz. (Izzzz held the z for a while), and I bring a message from the A.C.F. to the C.O.H.B. that we kindly welcome you to Blotch, and warn you that the Elementia are tricksy, and we apologize for any inconvenience, but we are inviting you to the city, for some vital information on you rmission and the unfortunate tricks of the Element, and also we give you our word that if you wish to leave you may do so."

Everyone was now staring at Elizabeth.

"We- the C.O.H.B. thank the, the A.C.F. for it's kind words and accept it's invitation,"

It wasn't quite the proper thing to say, but Elizabeth hadn't studied faerie etiquette, and it was a good first try.

As the faerie smiled Elizabeth was feeling quite pleased with herself. She could do this. It wasn't terribly hard yet. She could be adult, mature, responsible.

Even if the responsibilities involved faeries.

The End

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