Now you may not understand what I mean by the sky boiling. You probably think I mean a stormy sky, correct?

No, what I mean is boiling. The clouds sort of went all steamy and the sun kind of burst and bubbled and everywhere there were these great big bubbles, all in rainbow colors, just popping and re-forming, and it was very frightening.

The Faerie appeared out of the bubbles. The bubbles would pop, and out of the sky dropped a Faerie.

Now before I tell you what happens next, I'm going to clear up a few common misconceptions about Faeries. First of all, they are not small. They have the same range of size as humans (Though they do tend to have interesting shapes. But more about that later,). Second of all, they do not have pixie dust, and if they do it is very rarely seen. The Faerie race have a number of odd habits but grinding up pixies and throwing their ashes about is not one of them. Another misconception is that Faeries are connected with nature- that they dress in leaves and have butterfly wings and angrily yell at humans who mess up their gardens. Now this is frankly silly. The Faerie rather hate nature, they prefer bustling cities with traffic lights and crosswalks and little cafes with hot chocolates.

I suppose so far Faerie sound a bit like people, but they are different, in looks and temperament. First of all, they all of rather spotty skin. It comes in different shades, like humans, pink and brown and even blue, but dots just sort of pop up. The more dots a Faerie has, the more beautiful they are considered. 

Also, Faerie always wear bobs. Nobody knows why, but they spring into the world their hair with  curled and set.  Speaking of springing into the world, they are all female by the way. Well, that's how everyone else perceives them, since they only have one sex, they don't really think about people in terms of gender, they just call everyone sir.

There are only really a few things more you need to know about faerie. They love jeans and leather jackets, they are constantly polite except when they anger, which happens a lot, but they are always kind afterwards.

I suppose it may seem odd for may to categorize such a large group of people in such away. That is because you, as humans, are the exception to the rule. I suppose you would be very offended if I said something like "This group of people get mad, but this one doesn't" Especially if I based that on something unfounded, like color or country. But other races of things all tend to be sort of the same  with the exception of The Elementia. THe Elementia hadn't mentioned this, but it was one of the reasons humans were chosen as warriors- Humans are all different, and very adaptable. 

The Elementia saw that they would make good fighters, but the problem with humans is that we are not as easily controlled as you might think.

The End

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