A few minutes later, when everyone was comfortably settled (The Elementia had summoned sleeping bags and bean bags and pillows and marshmallows for s'mores) two meetings were held. The Elementia held an official, secret council (though Tierra had the grace to leave everyone else the fire so they could at least toast marshmallows in the meantime). Everyone else sort of gathered the pillows, blankets and paraphernalia around the fire and huddled together. It was getting a bit chilly. And Everyone Else held their meeting.

They decided (after a lot of talk and flaming marshmallows) that they should have a name for their council. After a lot more talk, they finally decided upon C.O.H.B since that worked (sort of) as an acronym. It stood for Council Of the Humans of Blotch. Elizabeth was then elected president because frankly nobody else wanted the job and most were a bit impressed with Elizabeth actually yelling at the Elementia. They didn't think anyone had ever done that before.

All though this took a while, the Elementia were still talking (probably gossiping, as Lily-Ann said wisely) so they kept up their meeting too.

Elizabeth (who was rather surprised at finding herself president, but a bit pleased too) said the first thing to do  was to decide their priorities. After some more heated debate (In which there was a lot of people making nasty comments about their opponents s'mores) they listed their priorities as follows (somehow they had found a notebook and pen and they designated Sue scribe since she could write unnaturally fast, apparently):

1. To not get eaten by dragons- this one was going well so far.

2. To find out their exact situation, specifically more about the contract and also what the deal with the dragons was,

3.To decide whether to help the Elementia and Blotch or not (and also whether they had any choice)

4. To figure out how to get home, and

5. To have adventures (Megan insisted upon this one)

After still more talk (miracuously the Elementia still had not come) they finally decided to demand to know what was going on. They didn't really have anything to bargain with, and begging was to be a last resort. So they would demand.

When the Element still did not come, Emily, who was rather brave, went up to them.

All four were asleep.

Try as they might, they couldn't wake them up. And they did try. Everyone was annoyed with the Elementia, so there were some very creative ways to wake them up that may or may not have involved hot marshmallows and yelling very loudly.

But they did not stir, except to breathe and flutter their eyes.

By this time, people were getting worried. This was no ordinary sleep. It was probably an enchantment, and a powerful one too, since the Elementia were certainly powerful.

So a few people screamed in an undignified way when the sky began to boil.

The End

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