The Queen of the Dragons' name was secret. Dragons believed that names should only be given to those close to you, not handed out like travel brochures. Consequently, most dragons merely went by nicknames or their defining features: Hence, The Queen of the Dragons was simply known as the Queen, her first bodyguard as Stubby-Tail, and her second as Fire-Eyes.

The Queen had sent forth her bodyguards first to determine who was calling, and then the Queen still came up with protection, because all dragons know that the Elementia are not to be trusted.

The Queen was impressive. She was about as large as a car if she was curled up, but her tail was at least as long as her. She was a brilliant, shining purple color. Mostly she looked liked your traditional dragon from a fairy-tale, except her skin was perfectly smooth, her wings were like a bat's, and her eyes were very human. 

Of course, it took a while to notice this, because most everyone's brains first went "FIRE FIRE OH THAT'S DRAGON FIRE OH NO THAT'S A DRAGON HOLY MOLY THAT IS ACTUALLY A DRAGON NO WAY" and then "OH  NO THERE ARE MORE OF THEM" (The Queen's bodyguards were not quite as impressive. Stubby-Tail was black, Fire-Eyes white, and both were slightly smaller and neither was breathing fire, only a trickle of smoke each)

The Queen of the Dragons was extremely unperturbed. Her eyes flickered over the collection of people. She began to hiss in a disgruntled tone at Fiamma for quite some time. Foam hissed back. The debate went on for a while becoming quite (if you'll forgive, dear reader, my pun) heated. At last, Fiamma seemed to make an offer and the Queen accepted it. She spread her magnificent wings and flew (flapping her wings in a very unmajestic fashion) over the top of the cavern, then dived down. Her wings were very noisy, really, they sounded like canvas twisting in the wind.

Everyone started breathing again. Magic or no magic, dragons are frightening.

"Well that was easy," said Fiamma confidently, flouncing back to the group. "We can stay here as long as we like. Here," and she pulled out a lock of her hair and flung it on the ground (which is, by the way, not a recommended way of making a fire).

"But we have no food, or sleeping bags, or anything," said Lily-Ann, who was ver practical.

"Don't worry," said Aria confidently. "We can deal with that," 

And Acqua and Aria and Tierra all began muttering strange words and moving their hands in complex ways, while Fiamma just sort of strutted around laughing. Everyone else sat or stood or wandered about. 

Elizabeth, curious and deciding to do her duty, asked Fiamma what she had given the dragon queen in return for allowing them to stay, but Fiamma merely clammed up and would not say a word.

The End

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