The cliff

After a few minutes more of walking, they reached the end of the tunnel, which apparently had been underground as they pulled themselves up through a trapdoor.

They were in a meadow, filled with dandelions and tiny white flowers. They were on top of a cliff. The ground cut off sharply a few yards to their left, and from there it was just rocks and shrubs down to the bottom of the canyon. The pale sun seemed to glow a little brighter here.

The canyon was frightening. Elizabeth thought it was almost as big as the grand canyon, which she had seen one year on vacation.  The sun was a little better than it had been in the desert.

But the dandelions gave Elizabeth inexpressible comfort.

She had always loved dandelions. They had such a cheerful, bright look and they could grow anywhere. She didn't understand why people thought they were weeds, they were at least as pretty as roses or tulips.

And seeing them here was wonderful, because they reminded her of home. Every year, the dandelions would take over her small suburbian yard. They only lasted a couple of weeks, but they were the prettiest weeks of the year.

So Elizabeth smiled a bit. She went over to look down the canyon. To her surprise, things were moving down there! Brightly colored splotches stood out on the gray speckled rock. They moved around. It was a bit like watching cars from an airplane.

She didn't really want to ask the Elementia what the things were, so she tried to think back to Bariso's dull lecture. What had lived by the cliffs? Wasn't gryphons? And maybe dragons. Yes, that was it, dragons. Wow.

Fiamma had walked over to the very edge of the cliff. She didn't seem concerned at all. Tierra whispered to everyone- "See each of us speaks with some of the tribes. Foam negotiates with the Gryphons and the Dragons, I speak with the Druids and Trolls and Dwarves, Acqua does the Mer, and Aria does the faerie. That works out best for everyone, we split people up depending on their elements. But we can't figure out what category humans go in, not yet anyway. Ah, well." Elizabeth (again) did not want help from the Elementia, but this could be important. Though she thought it was odd that the Elementia just tried to sort everyone into categories. And she felt a strange pride that humans couldn't  be fixed. She smiled when she thought of the book: the divergent cannot be controlled.

Then she remembered that basically all the good characters in that book died and she stopped smiling.

Fiamma was making a really weird hissing noise over the cliff. Her hair was going wild, smoke spread out a few feet from her.

She was calling dragons.

The End

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