Terra was already inside, making breakfast. Instead of the stew from last night, there was some sort of pastry in the oven and several brightly colored sauces on the stove. Everything smelled faintly like blueberries.

The kitchen was a cozy place. The walls were a warm yellow, and the furniture was all smooth wood. Pots and pans and strange-smelling herbs hung from the ceiling. A few windows let in the sunshine. 

The girls all sat down patiently by the table, after Terra said good morning to each one by name. She was very good at remembering names. Elizabeth had forgotten half of them by now.

A couple of minutes later (after the girls had played a brief round of telephone)Terra announced that breakfast was ready and took the pastries out of the oven. Each girl took a pastry and then poured sauces over it, then grabbed a cup of tea.  The pastries didn't have a taste, except maybe butter, but they warmed you up inside. The sauces were a bit odd though. Elizabeth chose a yellow one, expecting Lemon (which was her favorite flavor) but instead got Strawberry. She peered closer at the sauce which was decidedly not pink. 

Maggie had chosen a faint gray sauce no-one else wanted to try. Apparently it was chocolate. Maggie did not seem at all fazed by this, so no-one believed her until Elizabeth stole a bite (being her best friend, she was in the safest position to do so and not get gray chocolate sauce dumped all over her hair by a laughing Maggie) and confirmed that it was, indeed, chocolate.

When most everyone had finished eating, Acqua and Aria came in hand in hand. Though Terra had been wearing a cheerful white apron this morning, they were both still adorned completely in black.

All three Element sat down silently. They looked very serious, so serious that no-one interrupted them and just looked at each other awkwardly for a few minutes.

Then Fiamma floated in merrily. She was wearing a bright red, huge-skirted dress. 

"What have I missed?" she said, flouncing over to the table and sitting down. Her skirt bumped into Aria, who was knocked out of the way a bit by it. Aria got up huffily, and a mysterious wind gathered up all of Fiamma's huge, bouncing skirt and tied it in a knot around her legs. Fiamma let out an indignant scream. 

Suddenly, Aria's tea began to boil, very fast. The steam rose up to her hair, which immediately became as frizzy as Terra's.

Acqua interrupted before things could get worse (Terra had just been watching and chuckling immoderately at the two.

"Ladies," she said sternly, and Fiamma's dress and Aria's hair returned to their usual state.

"Thank you," she continued. "If you would refrain from fighting in our guests' company, please? We have important matters to discuss."

The End

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