the morning routine

Three more kids arrived at breakfast. There was Jane, an african american girl with a gorgeous hairdo, and Max (who was quickly dubbed Max number two, since there was already a Max), and a tiny little girl called Megan. All the names were rather confusing. As well as the two Maxes, there was an Emma and an Emily, a Megan and a Maggie. And Elizabeth couldn't remember if the girl with the long blond hair or the one with the pixie cut was named Anna.

They woke up early, because Maureen and Yolanda were morning people- and by morning people I mean people who yell and throw things at sleepers at five in the morning. After that it was hard to go back to sleep, so everyone got up and got dressed.

Last night, everyone except Maggie and Elizabeth had been wearing matching pajamas- white with blue stripes. It was a bit odd, but there were a lot weirder things going on, So Elizabeth didn't really notice. Maggie did, but she didn't say anything. Maggie never really said anything, though she did seem to be more aware of the world now that magic was going on.

There was a huge wardrobe in the room. Maureen gaily flung it open. Elizabeth wasn't sure what she had been expecting. Maybe good clothes for fighting daemons. Or all black like the Elementia wore.

Inside were the most fabulous ball gowns and dresses she had ever seen. There were dresses that looked like Marie Antoinette could have worn them. There were flapper dresses, and outfits straight from the 50's. There were grand gowns that princesses wore, and scarves and hats and wigs and shoes were everywhere.

It was paradise.

Now Elizabeth understood why everyone had been so eager to get up. There a few fights over some of the finery, but the wardrobe would produce another dress- flung out by Maureen, who seemed to be in charge- and everyone would laugh.

After trying on a ballgown with a tight corset, Elizabeth decided that she would go as a flapper. She pulled a faint blue gown. Little sparkles and tassels hung from the end. She chose some sparkling heels, like Cinderella's, to go with it. She wobbled a bit. 

She put her hair up but left little curls hanging around her face.  She put on a charming little cap and gloves and a glorious fuzzy purple scarf. It didn't really match. Then she added huge gold earrings and bangles. Yolanda was doing make-up, which Elizabeth felt a little silly in, but how often do you celebrate in Blotch, anyway? She had a little eyeshadow, then looked in the mirror. She did not quite look like a flapper, or even a real person. But she like dit anyway.

Maggie, to everyone's surprise, got really into it. She gave fashion advice to everyone but could make no decisions herself. At last she chose a minty green dress with hoop skirts. She put her hair in a sloppy ponytail, and then to top it off, wore the highest heels anyone had ever seen. She was taller than everyone else, but somehow didn't wobble at all. Her skirt did, though, and as it was a few inches above the ground (the clothes fit everyone perfectly) it did look sort of funny.

The girls headed downstairs, Emma in the lead. She was wearing a long purple train, so everyone sort of tripped and fell into the kitchen.

The End

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