The other humans

As they sat down, one of them- Acqua- called


A druid came into the room.

The druid's skin was a healthy greenish brown shade. Her eyes were black. Her hair was brown, wavy, and fell to the floor. She had patterns all over her skin, like bark. She was of average size, though rather tall. She had no fingernails or eyebrows, which was faintly unnerving.

She was frowning.

"Yes ma'am?" she said. It was obvious that she was annoyed.

"Ellen," said Aria quietly, "would you please bring in our guests?" she had a soft voice. Ellen stalked out of the room, and returned a moment later bringing a crowd of people with her. Terra stood up.

"Hello everyone!" she said happily. "Before we eat the lovely food our gracious cook Ellen has prepared for us tonight, we have a few introductions to do. This here is Maggie, and this is Elizabeth. They're almost the last, we have three more arriving tomorrow. Anyway, go around and introduce yourselves."

There were nineteen kids, of varying ages, not counting Maggie and Elizabeth. Eleven were girls, eight boys. Most of them seemed to be around 13, though there was a ten year old, Jack, who had come with his older sister, Tina, who looked to be around fourteen or fifteen. The girls were:

Maggie, Elizabeth, Tina, Mary, Sue, Jessica, Maureen, Lily-Ann, Anna,Emily, Emma,Yolanda, and Hannah. They all seemed to live in the U.S., at least they all spoke English and didn't have an accent. Emily and Maureen kept whispering to each other.

The boys were Jack, Tommy, Pete,Gary, Greg, Max, Joseph, Rick, and Richard. Like, the girls, they all spoke English.

Lily-Ann, Maureen, and Emily seemed the friendliest and sat down beside Maggie and Elizabeth, who naturally sat together. They discussed a little of home and how far away it was. Kids had been arriving at mealtimes for around a week, Maureen had been one of the first ones there.

The food was amazing. It was a rather dull looking stew, but it was a bursting with flavor. Apparently, it was enchanted to taste like you favorite foods. Elizabeth tasted Mac-and cheese, and orange soda, and butterscotch. Maggie tasted strawberry, and banana, and coffee. Emily said she tasted peppermint, dark chocolate, and coca-cola.

Unfortunately, tha enchantmment didn't fix the fact that the stew was really watery with chunks of gosh-knows-what mixed in, and the fact that you needed to eat like four bowls before you weren't hungry anymore.

When everyone was full, Maggie was surprised to find that it was dark. She supposed time was different in Blotch. But she was tired anyway.

The girls followed Ellen up a staircase and to a large room filled with beds. A slightly smaller one held the boys. A sparkling bathroom lay in between the two. Maggie and Elizabeth found a bunk bed next to Maureen and Emily (Lily-Ann was across the room but would shout over occasionally.) Despite the fact that they were all very tired, the moment Ellen left (after everyone was in bed and quiet) the lights came back on and the girls had a pillow fight. And sang. And danced. And told ghost stories. It was a fabulous night. Maggie was especially good at hitting people with pillows and then throwing blankets over them. When they finally did go to bed and fall asleep (around 1 in the morning) all of them slept deeply, and dreamless.

The End

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