Bariso (also Life and Death):Part 1

"Bariso," said Elizabeth shakily.

"Um, I'm Elizabeth." 

You remember how I said Elizabeth was a mild-mannered person? Well, if you do something often enough that it becomes a habit, but then something really crazy happens (like maybe a portal out side your bedroom window), you'll sort of stick to your habit. Which, in Elizabeth's case, was good manners. See, for Elizabeth, right now, the world is all unfamiliar. Things aren't acting like they are supposed to be. Now don't get me wrong when I say this. Elizabeth still, deep down, wanted magic. But she had grown out of it some and was rather shocked at the moment. So she clung to her manners, which, I'm sure, seemed like a life-raft of familiarity in a sea of strangeness.

Maggie, with no such manners to make a habit of, simply nodded at Bariso amiably. 

"Well, Elizabeth, Maggie,let's-" the little man, who had been brushing his hands against one another as if to get invisible dust, was interrupted by Maggie, who was frowning.

"How do you know my name?" she asked loudly. Maggie could actually be quite observant, you know.

"Oh-" said Bariso nervously. "Well, you're, ah, in the- the prophecy." and he looked up at them hopefully.

"Really?" said Elizabeth.

"Well- no, alright, I was eavesdropping on you. " Maggie and Elizabeth both scowled at him. Not that they had been talking about anything interesting, but still.

"Anyway," said Bariso, looking rather intimidated at the prospect of two angry teenagers,

"I received intelligence that a portal had opened at these coordinates and was asked to pick you two up."

"Pick us up?" said Elizabeth cautiously. "How do you know you're supposed to? and that it's us? How did you know there was a portal here? Why do we need to go into it? Where are we going? Why are you here?"

Now that Elizabeth was a bit adjusted and had someone to be rude and demanding at, she was getting into her stride.

"Look," said Bariso, " I need you to come with me. I will explain soon. You can trust me. If this works, which it will,you'll be traveling with me as your escort to another world. So as I hear you like other worlds, come on."

Elizabeth looked at Maggie. 

"Fine," she said coolly.

The End

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