Strangers Too Long (also secrets and their troubles)

So as you have seen, Maggie decided to ignore the hole and get on with her life. Which, at the moment, meant waatching Netflix with her friend. 

The show they were watching, Strangers too Long, was actually very bad. It was the story of two high-school sweethearts who then broke up, both became cops and then fell in love and had a very tumultuous relationship while fighting crime and catching the Mafia. Elizabeth and Maggie were currently re-watching the season where the couple became engaged for the third time, and also were on the trail of the Notorious Louis, Gangster Extraordinaire.

Elizabeth was a little impatient for Maggie to get there. She had already arranged all the pillows and whatnot and  she had finished making the popcorn. So when Maggie did finally get there (after Elizabeth had texted her "y r u l8???" twice) Elizabeth didn't talk much and they settled down and started the show right away. 

Maggie didn't think much about the Hole, and if she did glance outside through Elizabeth's pink curtains on her dusty window, she certainly didn't notice that the Hole was growing, bit by bit.

The problem with secrets  is that they are only pleasant if there's someone to share it with. You can keep a secret for ages if there's someone who will wink and smile with you when you fib a bit, or tell a white lie. It makes you feel better, not quite so guilty, because, after all, so-n-so's doing it too. It adds a little excitement and sparkle to the rather dull prospect of lying.

But if a secret is all your own, it is much harder to keep. It gets bored when there's no-one to play with. And a bored secret is a dangerous one. Your secret, seeking excitement will roar up inside of you and try and escape into the sunshine. It will take a lot of effort to keep it trapped. 

Very probably the only thing that kept Maggie from telling Elizabeth (even though she'd already decided not to) was that this was such a dramatic episode. They were so close to catching Louis, and the boy cop even had a ring picked out to propose with! Still, Maggie couldn't help feeling her secret itch and tickle inside of her, especially when the cops argued (again) because the boy cop had kept it a secret that he knew Louis. Then Maggie's secret really strained  to get out and join it's sister secret, now in the open, but Maggie was wise and hid it inside.

Perhaps when Elizabeth finally got up and stretched and put the popcorn bowl back, her gaze happened to fall by the window. Surely her eyes fell on the Hole (now as big as a beanbag, and floating right outside her house), but not really seeing it, she would not have noticed anything. Sometimes our minds are odd like that. It will take us a few moments or glances to tell what is wrong. Surely this has happened to you- you'll take a minute to realize a friend is now wearing glasses or got their ears pierced or what-not. And if you're focused on something else, like, oh, a bad t.v. show, you might not even notice a portal to another world, hanging right outside your window.

The End

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