When Maggie discovered the Magic, she was on her way to Elizabeth's house. They lived about a block apart, and today, in celebration of Summer beginning, they had decided to binge-watch their favorite show, Strangers too Long. Since Elizabeth was making the popcorn, she got to choose her room instead of Maggie's (which Elizabeth did not like because there were literally black walls in Maggie's room, as well as a beanbag so old it looked more like a deflated balloon).

Maggie was, as usual, listening to music through her earbuds. She was humming along with the song, (which was quite a feat, heavy metal music is hard to hum to) and not really thinking about anything much except what would happen in the next episode of Strangers too Long.

She did, however, notice the Hole.  

She noticed it when a seagull (their town was by the beach) flew over her head, screeching loudly. Naturally, she looked up, in case she had to dodge a lunatic bird. ( The Seagulls in her town were known for being particularly aggressive). It was then that she saw the Hole. With a capital H. It was in the gray expanse of clouds that stretched all over the town, but there was this Hole in the middle of the clouds. It should have the sun shining through, since it was, of course, daytime, but it didn't. Through the Hole, the sky looked dark as night, and there were no stars.

It was very odd.

Now, you may think, because Maggie doesn't talk a lot, she is dumb. That is not true. The reason why she doesn't talk much is  not that her brain is slow, but that it is fast. She is so busy spinning out possible theories in her brain she doesn't really have time to process the world around her. Also, music helped her think. 

Let me give you an example. I said she was thinking of nothing much except what would happen in the next episode of Strangers too Long. What I really meant is, Maggie was working out the hundreds of possible scenarios that would occur in the next season, as well as mentally reviewing the actors' performances and giving them a rating based on looks, humor, and taste, and also comparing the writing and plot devices to Shakespeare's play Pericles.

So now that you know Maggie is, in fact, a bit of a genius, you're surely wondering what she did next. Well, Maggie had a few options. She could ignore it, and the world or some ppart of it might get sucked through a wormhole or whatever, or maybe the hole would disappear, but at any rate she could go on with her life; or she could tell someone, in which case they would either a) think she was crazy, or b) be know she was crazy. 

So Maggie, based on these logical reasons, calmly accepted the Hole, and kept walking. Personally, though, those were not the only reasons. I think Maggie wanted a secret.

Only she did not realize just how dangerous secrets can be.

The End

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