Elizabeth believed in Magic

Elizabeth longs for magic to be real. It isn't, of course. Everyone knows that. But odd things begin to happen, and they seem unexplainable..

The greatest diappointment in Elizabeth's life so far was not getting her Hogwarts letter when she turned eleven. She hadn't really expected it, of course. I mean, she didn't even live in the U.K. She showed no signs of being a witch. But still, it gave her a bit of a jolt when she realized she would never go..

What made it worse was that Hogwarts wasn't real. Which she knew. Of course. Nobody actually believed in it, least of all Elizabeth, but that didn't stop her longing for it. 

This grand disappointment didn't stop Elizabeth, though. She proceeded to look for a gateway to Narnia, which ,as she very well knew, she wasn't going to find, since even if it did exist, which it didn't, then it would be long gone by now. Elizabeth had read all the books; she knew what happened.

See, Elizabeth had this longing for magic. For adventure. And it was really quite awful because first of all she didn't even like adventures, and magic sounded really rather uncomfortable, and second of all she was sensible and knew magic wasn't real, so the whole thing was pointless, anyway. I mean, there had been a couple of days in 2nd Grade when her brother had tricked her into believing in ghosts, but that hadn't lasted long, and besides, she had thought the ghost-demon-thingy-looked like her brother's best friend, Rick, wearing a sheet.

So Elizabeth sort of put away her dreams for a bit, not completely, (she would take them out and dust them off once in a while), but eventually she realized that life was pretty grand as it was, so she might as well enjoy it. I mean she still sort of wished something would happen, but it was only really an echo  of what it was, the same way you still sort of wish it would rain candy, but not really, because, let's face it, that would probably start knocking off roof tiles, and it would mess up your hair if you ever went outside, and probably everyone would get diabetes.

And so the summer before her first year of high school came.Elizabeth was fourteen,  and she had really turned into a responsible, practical person, one who was easy to talk to, about, you know boys  and stuff.  She gave good advice. She was happy listening to other people's problems. She was that type of girl that is always just around, everyone's friend but no-one's best friend.

Well, except for Maggie, of course.

Maggie was unusual, and if she liked anyone, she liked Elizabeth, but it was sort of hard to tell. Maggie didn't really talk much. Or do anything much, really. She had bright blue hair (as opposed to Elizabeth's mousy brown), tons of freckles, Huge black-framed glasses,  and so many ear piercings it was hard to count. There was a rumor going around that she had pierced her belly button, too. Maggie spent most of her time listening to loud music through her earbuds, occaisonally nodding or just saying "I agree with Elizabeth" in her low voice whenever they were discussing something. Maggie would sometimes hang out at Elizabeth's place. Elizabeth would study, and Maggie would just listen to her music, and then they would watch Netflix together in a companionable sort of way.

So it was sort of odd when Maggie was the first to find the magic.

The End

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