Sir Frances - reply

Dear Eliza,

I promise you that I will be home as soon as I can be, and that we will go on a long horse ride when I am. I may even have a surprise for you when I get home, but only if you are a good girl.

You need to listen to Moira and Mrs Gregory. It is important that you learn and become a lady. Learning to be a lady is as important as what I have to do in the city so I need your promise that you will try your hardest at it, even when you would rather be playing or horse riding. I can already see that your writing is improving from your letter. And trust me, one day you will be thankful that you do know which fork to use. It is not something stupid,as you said. One day, when you are older you will understand more.

Perhaps though when I am home Mrs Gregory and I could discuss a way to make your learning a little more interesting and fun for you. Home shouldn't only be fun when I am there.

Know that I miss you, always.

Your Father. 


The End

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