Chapter One

 I awoke with a gasp. Sweat ran down my face. I looked around at my tiny room, covered in darkness.

 "What a dream."  exclaimed to myself. Slowly, I rose from my bed. I walked to the small window that looked out at the long pathway where Eliza would've been in my dream. A sigh escaped from my lips.

 Dawn was close to arriving, so I decided to go into the kitchen.

 "Peter?" my mother called. "Is that you?"

 "Yes, it's me" I replied. I made some porridge and scarfed it down, not giving myself time to taste it. I then set off for school.


 Eliza stood outside a small cottage. A teenage boy was sleeping restlessly.

 "Baba Yaga! No!" he exclaimed in his sleep. Eliza lifted her scarred hand to the window. Suddenly, he gasped and threw himself into a sitting position, now awake. Eliza quickly hid behind the wall next to his window. He turned his head to look, but didn't see her. He then went into the kitchen. Eliza would be here tonight.


 A knock woke me from yet another nightmare. I looked towards my window and thought I saw a figure of a girl. I blinked and she disappeared.

 "H-hello? Who's there?" I stuttered. I whirled around just as a croaky voice answered,

 "Death!" it whispered, and the word rang in my ears. Was I still dreaming? I looked at the black darkness in the back of my grimy room, just as a figure slowly stepped out of it.

 Wide eyed, I stared at her face, which was hidden by her black hair. My eyes widened. Eliza. Consciousness failed me, as darkness replaced it.


 I woke in a dark room, chained to a stone wall. I tried to stand, but failed as my legs quivered. I was sprawled out on the uncomfortable stone ground. I looked up to see that the chain that bound me had fallen off of the hook on the wall. I got up, and kicked the oak door down. I stepped warily into a dark corridor. I ran as fast as I could. But then I ran into her. Eliza. The last thing I said was,

 "Please!" And then I ceased to exist.


 But you can never know when Eliza kills you. Because when she does. She's never finished. her biddings are yours to do. Even in death...

The End

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