The wind be my constant companion

I woke up in a white room, it was not big, it was what you got when you thought big and dreamed of when you heard large. he sat up quickly, this just made him dizzy, there was a man sitting by the door, he looked like a patchwork man, when he saw me get up he walked over and said to me "don't do that, the drugs we gave you were very powerful, by all rights you should not be awake by now". I cricked my neak, "i feal dead, if thats what you mean", I awnsered back. "don't wory, that was probably the thunderbolt, we had to use it becouse we thought you were dead".

I looked at him in shock, Ded, whel i am obviously not so why whould that ocour to him. i asked him this. "you had water leaking out of the cut from the nedle, that, in most people meens there dead".
"didn't you ask why these people wanted a boy"? i asked. He replied "igors don't ask questions", That was strange i thought, he sounds like a person from a terry pratchet novel. "why don't igors ask questions then", i asked him. My only reply was "I don't know, i never asked". I groaned at this feble atempt at humor, Geat i thought, im traped in a room with frankendtine and For another thing he realy does have bad jokes. This was going to be a long imprisonment.


The End

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