The Boy, Eruan, looked at the gargoyle, daring it to attack. It did, with the typical stupidity of their race. Eruan jumped up and touched one of the two pendants on his wrist. Blue light flared and a bubble of water appeared. The bubble split and reformed according to Eruan's will. Forming a net surroundings it and forcing it smaller, the gargoyle gave up, splintering into a million small shards. The boy stepped back down to the ground, brushing the dirt of his hands.

A second Gargoyle detached itself, Eruan just vanished appearing behind it as normal, sheathing a sword, with a cry the gargoyle shattered, the boy just sighed and walked away. Where he promptly walked into a pair of men and a girl. "Sorry" he said "my head is a little messed up".
"Don’t worry, we are here for you. You just made it easier." Eruan's Hand flew to his katana ready to draw, a fatal mistake, the goons said(I shall call then goon 1 and goon 2, you can decide amongst yourselves.) a needle hit Eruan in the back of the head, the last thing he herd was the little girl telling them of in case they "damaged me". 


The End

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